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DCS: World 2.5
MiG-19P Farmer
Nightly Quick reaction alert

Nightly Quick reaction alert

Author - Leviathan667
Date - 22.11.2020 12:41
1966/Mar 4/MiG-19P/Self/QRA Scramble/3:02

Syrian ground radars have detected a distant high altitude echo moving fast towards Latakia. Calls from the air controllers have remained unanswered. No flight plan has been submitted for this aircraft. Since the calls were made, the unidentified spot, that seems to be a large aircraft, has started to behave erratically while descending and accelerating.

You’re a Syrian air force pilot on a nightly QRA watch. Given the odd  behaviour of the unknown aircraft, you’ve been tasked to man your aircraft and complete the startup procedure. You are to take-off if the ATC issues the scramble alert. In this eventuality, further instructions will be given after take-off.

Your armament consists of two K-13A missiles and two NR-30 guns with their full complement of ammunition.


Do not to come too close to the Turkish air space as NATO fighters from Incirlik air base are likely to be on their own QRA watch.

The mission has an element of randomness built-in as the unidentified aircraft bearing, altitude and maneuvring will differ from one instance to the other.

The mission takes place in the winter of 1966. To make it feel more real, you can download the Syrian air force 1967 livery following this link:
the following Syrian liveries:


2020-11-21: Updated the miz file to add voiceovers
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