Black Sea Battle - F-14B & F/A-18C mission

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DCS World 2.7
F-14 Tomcat

Black Sea Battle - F-14B & F/A-18C mission

Uploaded by - Lev330
Date - 10/02/2020 21:55:29
A maximum 3 hour length F-14B & F/A-18C (opfor Su-33) multiplayer supercarrier (Kuz, CVN71, also includes cvn74) mission (you can also play it alone), mocking World War 3 when Russian Black Sea Fleet collides with a Carrier Strike Group.
Features: AI CAP for safety, Anti-ship, Tanker (S-3B, KC-135MPRS), Anti-Sub and AEW assets.
!!! Detailed brief in PDF format, link below.
updated to 2023.11.08. ready for DCS 2.9

- No roles are crucial, pick the aircraft you'd like to fly.
- Look at the time, and the EVENTS section. Choose your best suited mission, ot just go kill russians.
- Get your wingman, but you can play also alone. You'll find all information in the briefing.
The mission spawns allied AI and adversaries enough for about 3+ hours of fun. You can adjust weather if you'd like for a more challenging environment. UPDATED FOR 2.7 CLOUD, adjusated for all AI flight, you won't refuel in clouds. Tankers are from 8-10 and 16-17k feet. If you adjust it, clouds recommended from 11 to 15k feet.


Credits to VNAO, ready room background, it is awesome.
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