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DCS: World 2.5
Caucasus Airbase Templates - Red Coalition

Caucasus Airbase Templates - Red Coalition

Author - Rudel-Chw
Date - 19.09.2020 12:51
I want to share a Set of Static Templates that I edited to provide scenery objects and air defense for each Airbase of this Map, making use of the nice objects provided by the VPC Airfield Equipment Mod:

Please, download an updated version of this Mod from this link:!Ai6cuX3YQI26hZJGSCykKx7155DCPg

The file is in OvGME format for use with a Mod Manager. The Mod should be installed on the path /Saved Games/DCS/Mods/tech .. here is more information about its install:

Since the equipment is different for each Coalition, I edited two versions of each template: one for Blue Coalition and one for Red. This File has the Red Coalition templates, I will soon upload the Blue Coalition templates on a second file. It is important that, when creating a Mission that will make use of these Templates, you have to include USA on the Blue Coalition, and Russia on the Red one, otherwise the template will not load properly.

Also, these templates are set on a Modern era, using SAMs and modern vehicles, so they are not appropiate for using with WW 2 aircrafts. To install, just uncompress the zip file on DCS' saved games folder .. on my case that is in /saved games/dcs.openbeta/

It will put the templates on the folder /StaticTemplates/

Rather than have one large Template with all the airbases on it, I choose to have more flexibility and have each Airbase on a separate Template, that way you can load just those airbases that you need for your current Mission, using the Load Static Template menu of the ME. You can load a Template on an existing mission, it wont delete any existing unit, it only adds its own. You can load as many templates as you need, as they dont delete previous content.

I tried to not go crazy adding objects to each airfield, in order to not affect too much the performance of DCS. On each airbase I added AAA and SAM units for its defence, and a couple of ground units that patrol the airbase perimeter, also some static planes to give the base more life. I also added light towers to provide better lightning during the night, they illuminate from 20:00 to 6:00, unfortunately on recent versions of DCS the Mod lighting isnt working anymore, hopefully the Mod author will fix them on a future release.

You can comment and ask for support about my Templates, on this Forum:
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