CombatWombat's Airfield Diagrams: Syrian Theatre

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
CombatWombat's Airfield Diagrams: Syrian Theatre

CombatWombat's Airfield Diagrams: Syrian Theatre

Type - Document
Author - shu77
Date - 12.11.2020 08:55
Syrian Theatre Airfield Diagrams Version 3.0
Version 3.0 Update of Frequencies included in Other changes not recorded
Version 2.1 PNG files renamed from .PNG to .png to assist with compatibility issues
Version 2.0 all font sizes increased by 1 pt, Taxi and parking changed from 6pt to 8pt and bolded.

Airfield diagrams to cover the 33 airfields present in Ugra Medias outstanding Syria Map
This zip contains:
52 PNG files 5001-5052 with the default white layout
52 PNG files 5043 -5104 with a Green Filter applied to reduce contrast in VR NVG
A 52 page PDF version for those using a tablet or hard copy.
PNG files were working as of the, if they dont work on your install try converting to .jpg format.
Pages are designed to print A5.
The document contains:
Summary Table and map
Enroute Chart, see below for the link to the full size one.
Air forces known to have operated in the Area to assist with identification
List of Airfields.
Airfield diagrams by country.
Allowance for the addition of Cyprus.
A full size Enroute chart to accompany the one in this document is located here

Any errors should be noted in the forum thread:

Please contact me before using these diagrams in other projects.

Congratulations to Ugra on the excellent map
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