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DCS World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat

Stealth Hunt

Uploaded by - rokkett
Date - 07/31/2020 04:43:43
With the rise of peer states, it is expected that stealth technology will soon become a greater threat to the Carrier Battle Group.

In order to aid future planning to counter this threat, The USN is evaluating how well its airborne radar systems can search for, detect and engage stealth aircraft.

You will lead a section of F-14B Tomcats over the NTTR in a simulated fleet defence role, protecting a mock-up of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier located in Lake Mead, Nevada. You will provide BarCAP within WP 2 and 3. You will have the assistance of an E-2D Hawkeye.

Red Air will attempt to breach your defences. Your mission is to locate and neutralise the strike aircraft.

Any direct hit on the carrier will be considered a win for Red Air.
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