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Ka-50 Black Shark Saitek X55 Profile

Uploaded by - IdefixRC
Date - 06/13/2020 05:10:01
ere is my shot at a Ka-50 Saitek X55 Profile.
This package is heavily based on the work done by Infernus  as well as additional input I took from Chuck's Ka-50 user guide , combined with some additional lua work from my side (e.g. brightness on rotary knows etc)

The package includes the Saitek X55 profile files, DCS Keyboard, Rudder, Stick, and Throttle mapping files and axis tune information. TrackIR Profile and modified joystick lua file to make additional rotary switches work.

Make sure to read the install.txt file and follow it closely.

This is still work in progress and any collaboration on this is highly welcome.
Feel free to add and modify but please post your modifications up here for others to use.

Version 1: Original profile - 13/06/2020

Latest versions and support will be posted here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4384068#post4384068
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