Finnish Air Force MiG-21 (Fictional-kind-of)

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DCS: World 2.5
Finnish Air Force MiG-21 (Fictional-kind-of)

Finnish Air Force MiG-21 (Fictional-kind-of)

Type - Skin
Author - Blinde1
Date - 05/27/2020 16:30:22
This is semi fictional Finnish Air Force skin pack for the MiG-21bis since these skins were actually only used by previous variant, the Mig-21F-13.
MiG-21bis later replaced the F-13 and those were updated with camouflage livery instead.

This pack includes skins for two squadrons:
- Support Squadron 2nd Flight aka "Tiedustelulentolaivue" did photo reconnaissance and patrol flights in 1973–1986.
- No. 31 Squadron aka "Hävittäjälentolaivue 31" fighter squadron in 1963–1980.

v.1.5 - Updated skins to new Phase 1 template.

Only use this with the latest beta. This will not work with current "Stable" version or older beta. Delete older folders of this mod before using this new one.
Install to \DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\MiG-21bis\Liveries\MiG-21Bis
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