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TF-74 Flanker using Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine

Type - Campaign
Author - CEF
Date - 05/14/2020 18:55:04
TF-74 Flanker using Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine modified by Miguel21. Fly the Su-27 Flanker  in an immersive dynamic system which will record your destructions and losses. Each mission will be different with CAP, ESCORT, INTERCEPTIONS, etc... Fight a desperate combat against  F-14 Tomcat, FA-18C Hornet and few B-52 raids. Defend Georgian country against US Navy.
Please read the PDF file to install and play this campaign
Version 20.38.01 with Escort bug and few others corrections ...
Ready for STABLE released DCS World version but easy to adapt for OpenBeta.

Following internal security problems some courageous Georgian citizens asked Russia for help to securise their country. Our forces entered Georgia without resistance and we began to help internal security troops to recover order and law. As often, the United States of America didnt understand our action and decided to do something to convince us to remove our forces from Georgia. Turkish government wisely didnt open his bases to US attack planes and only one Navy Task Force can be sent near Georgian coasts to convince us to leave Georgian country.

Be careful : this campaign will be really very difficult for the Russians : Phoenix are really efficient so be ready to die very often ;) It's really a challenge to survive any mission...

If you have questions or if you want to find more campaigns look here  : ""
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