Winter morning shenanigans

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DCS: World 2.5
Winter morning shenanigans

Winter morning shenanigans

Author - Hedgeslammer
Date - 04/13/2020 16:10:06
It's the height of the cold war.

Intelligence has picked up unusual amounts of activity at a Russian frontline airbase to the east.
It looks like SU24s are being loaded up for a mission, and Kutaisi is the first target they might approach, so F15s will go up to take a look, along with a pair of Belgian F16s from Senaki Kolkhi.

A10As & AV8B Harriers are also taking off due to reports of Russian armour movements.

You can fly as either F15s on CAP, or A10s or AV8Bs investigating the armour movements.  Whatever aircraft you pick, the AI flight of the same aircraft is deactivated to help keep things in balance.

April 18th - I've also added a few other aircraft to fly, including some on the red team - partly as I'm learning to fly the Mig29...

Long, long ago, there was a sim called Falcon, and I loved it.  There were a couple of mission disks, and the last mission on one of them was to intercept bombers heading towards your base.  This is a recreation of that mission. 

The F15C, A10A & AV8B are the planes you can fly (along with some of the other Flaming Cliffs planes as that's what I have).  If you have others, it's easy enough to open the Mission Editor & swap planes to ones you normally fly.

This is the first mission I've built from scratch in DCS, and it's involved learning a lot as I've gone along. Like most things I've done, once I started, I got to thinking "wouldn't it be cool if... & I wonder if I could...." so the finished mission is a bit bigger than I originally imagined.

Allow a good hour to play out the whole scenario,

Anyhow, I hope you have fun.  I had a great time putting it together & seeing what happened.  I've even really enjoyed just setting it off & watching to see what happens like a movie.

Unless there's something really game-breaking, I can't imagine I'll make any major changes, I've got too many other ideas to try...

Flyable aircraft are:
Blue Team:
Ukrainian Su27
Ukrainian Su25

Red Team:
Russian Mig29
Russian Su25

18th April 2020 updated a few scripts & added more flyable planes.
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