[Fictional] JASDF 3rd TFS "Samurai" TAC Meet 2010 V2.03

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F-16C Viper

[Fictional] JASDF 3rd TFS "Samurai" TAC Meet 2010 V2.03

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - _Akatsuki
Date - 04/11/2020 03:13:27
This package contains 2 JASDF liveries from the 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron:

- Airframe 93-8548 as it was painted for TAC Meet in 2010.
- Airframe 03-8555 with standard 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron livery.

These liveries stencils are adapted for the F-16 as i think it's more relevant than a straight copy of the F-2 stencils.
Special thanks to PorcoRosso86 for letting me use a custom version of his transparent canopy and thanks to Jack for a lot of stuff! :)

-2020-05-02: V2.0 complete overhaul. More details and cleaner textures.
-2020-05-21: updated to remove dynamic Bort numbers.
-2020-05-29: Added missing details.
-2021-08-03: updated description.lua to fix the name change of the 300 Gallons external tank.
-2022-08-26: updated description.lua.

NOTE: to see the custom canopy select the TINTED canopy in the F-16 special tab.
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