ML-KNIL 121 Squadron - P51D Skinpack 11x livery.

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P-51D Mustang

ML-KNIL 121 Squadron - P51D Skinpack 11x livery.

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - WineNB
Date - 01/12/2020 21:56:47
DCS P-51D ML-KNIL 121 Squadron, 11 aircraft liveries + pilot squadron patches.

Copy and paste the livery folders to C:\User\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\P-51D
( If you do not have already created such a Liveries\P-51D folder, I strongly suggest to create it in the Saved Games section. )

Liveries: 121 Squadron,
H-303, H-305, H-306, H-307, H-309, H-312, H-320, H-321, H-329, H-338, H-340.

( H-303 has a patch of the "Photo Verkenning Afdeling" as a artwork on the left side of the nose. )

( Info from Wikippedia )
121 Squadron (1946-1949) ML-KNIL.

Founded shortly after WWII and manned by ML-KNIL ex-POW's supplemented with pilots of 120 squadron.

The squadron had problems from the start.
The training of former prisoners of war as a pilot or maintenance personnel took time.
Many spare parts were also in Australia.

First operations period (juli 1947), from Andir Airfield, operation "Pelikaan" (against the republican airforce).
Air support for the B en C- Divisions (V- en W-Brigades) and offensive recon missions. 238 sorties in total.

Second operations peroid (december 1948), atack on Magoewo and air cover for the Dutch troops.
Operations “Ekster” and “Modder” ( Djambi area and surrounding oilfields were taken by paratroopers). 113 sorties in total.

In januari 1949, 121 squadron was disbanded.

Enjoy, Wine.
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