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DCS World 2.5

Ibis Flight

Uploaded by - TheHighwayman
Date - 11/24/2019 17:53:29
You are Ibis Leader, and your mission is to lead a pair of trainee pilots on a training mission. The mission is simple, get up, fly your waypoints, and land. It begins just before dawn, so you will be taking off in the dark and landing in the daylight. Mission duration is around 45 minutes. This mission is a TRAINING FLIGHT, not a combat mission. You will simply lead two rookie pilots on a circuit over the Persian Gulf coast then land back at your base. Enjoy this relaxing experience!

Players will need the M2000C and the Persian Gulf map.

This mission is fictional, and is not intended to represent any existing nation or situation. Players will fly Mirage 2000C in the default UAE livery. The choice of livery was made so no mods would be required. However, players are more than welcome to mod the mission as they like for personal enjoyment, or to post the modification for all to play.

This should be a pleasant flight in the Mirage with the new cockpit textures and night vision goggles equipped. Enjoy your flight!

PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK ON THIS MISSION. Especially if something is broken, or could be improved. Positive feedback is also appreciated and encourages us builders to make more for you!
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