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DCS: World 2.5
The Battle Of Kazbegi - VAF Redesign

The Battle Of Kazbegi - VAF Redesign

Author - VAF_Gang
Date - 08.10.2019 02:24
The Russians are trying to overrun our outpost at Kazbegi.  They are currently bringing troops in as fast as they can to reinforce the attack.  These convoys are traveling up and down the valley north of Kazbegi.  The men stationed in Kazbegi are under attack and are in need of air support as well.  Every time an enemy convoy arrives at the drop-off point just north of Kazbegi, they deliver more men to the battlefield from the north.  These forces are sneaking through the mountains flanking our forces on the ground and preparing for an all out attack. Friendly reinforcements are heading to Kazbegi as fast as they can from Nigniy Pasanauri but it will take them some time to get there, Keep the men in Kazbegi alive till they do.

****Most of the credit for this scenario story should go directly to Mrmanz84, the original creator of it in 2012. Originally designed for the A-10C, it's been fully reconfigured and redesigned to use the A-10C, F/A-18C and F-14B.****

Design notes: You can add aircraft if you want to but please make sure that you use the group structure and add them to the condition that triggers the main enemy operation in the AO. The trigger in the list is "Start Enemy Convoys", and in the condition add "or" and "(your new aircraft group)".  Please direct any comments, questions or problems on the ED forums to 75th-VFS-Striker. Mission uses Moose for random enemy air, EWR and MIST for scenery destruction.

Blue task:

Your first task is to make sure that the enemy intercept flights do not have freedom of movement in the AO.

They have also moved a S-300 missile squadron somewhere close to the town of Tarskoye. The towns coordinates are 42-57-47N x 44-46-22E. Taking out that SAM system will greatly reduce the enemy's ability to defend their airspace.

We also have intel that the Russians have placed an SA-11 site somewhere near Bullseye so be alert at all times.

Your next task is to take any immediate pressure off of our forces stationed in Kazbegi, contact Uzi 1 (AFACS) on 132AM for targets in the valley when in range. Also, head up the valley and stop the supply and reinforcements from pouring in.

There are 2 good ways to slow or stop the supply chain.

1.  Destroy both of the bridges that are on the North side of the border. (waypoints 3 and 4 for the F/A-18C or coordinates for A-10C, 42.45.18N x 044.37.41E and 42.50.19N x 044.38.20E)

2. Alteratively you can destroy the convoys themselves traveling in the valley north of Kazbegi to the enemy supply depot.  Anything on the road between Kazbegi and the supply depot should be considered hostile at this time but VID everything.

After enemy reinforcement has been stopped, attack any remaining men passing through the mountains that are massing to attack Kazbegi

Any remaining ammo or munitions you have can be spent attacking the supply depot at 42.50.06N x 044.39.59E.

Armor group Charlie will assist you in taking the supply depot if the bridges are still intact so VID everything and be careful not to target them on the road. They will be entering the AO at approximately 12:45 and consist of 3 M1A2 Abrams, 3 M2A2 Bradleys and some short range sam vehicles. If the bridges are destroyed they will reroute to Kazbegi!

ADF support units include HAWK system in Garbani and Patriot system in Sioni.

Bullseye is on bridge #2 just west of the enemy supply depot.

F/A-18C CAP Specific Info:
WP2 = Bullseye

F/A-18C SEAD Specific Info:
WP1 = SA-10 (S-300)
WP2 = SA-11 (Bullseye 107°, 1nm)

F/A-18C Strike Specific Info:
WP3 = Bridge 1
WP4 = Bridge 2 (Bullseye)
WP5 = Supply Depot

F-14B Specific Info:
WP1 = IP
WP2 = Bridge 1
WP3 = Bridge 2 (Bullseye)
HA = Beginning of Hostile Area
ST = Supply Depot

A-10C Specific Info:
WP4 = CAS1
WP5 = CAS2
WP6 = CAS3
WP8 = CAS4
WP11 = CAS5 (Bullseye)

AWACS Overlord 251
KC-130 Refueler Texaco 251.500, 50X
AFAC Uzi 132
JTAC Anvil 133
Lochini 138
Vaziani 140

Temperature +11°c
Cloud Cover   Base 2700 (9000 ft, rain)
Nav Wind        At GRND 3 m/s, 136°
                         At 2000m 5 m/s, 103°
                         At 8000m 7 m/s, 80°
Turbulence     0.06096 m/s
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