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SA342 Gazelle
DCS SA342M Gazelle Radios VoiceAttack

DCS SA342M Gazelle Radios VoiceAttack

Author - asherao
Date - 09/22/2019 06:32:30
Ever try to catch a Gazelle? Every try to change up the radios at the same time? What if that Gazelle was a helicopter that happens to be able to fly upsidedown? You can see why this VoiceAttack was made for YOU! You will be able to tell your copilot to tune up the radios for you so that you can keep a hand on the wild animal DCS calls the SA342M Gazelle.

READMEE.txt is included. For those who want a sneak peek:

Hello, welcome to this VoiceAttack Profile for the Gazelle. It will allow you to tune the radios hands-free. Please take a look at the 'Keyboard_Gazelle.html' file. It will include critical keybinds that are required for this profile to work. I have also included the file 'Keyboard_Gazelle_BaileyV100.diff.lua' if you would like to load the keybinds directly from that via the Controls Settings in DCS. Don't worry, there are not that many and I made it pretty easy to copy. You are basically going to set all the radio binds. After you are done please continue to the rest of this READMEE and get in da choppa!

To reset the radios, after you spawn in say "Reset Gazelle Frequencies" and make sure to turn on your UHF radio, ADF radio, and VHF radio (set to 25Mhz spacing).

To tune an airport tower frequency say "Tune Anapa Tower" or "Tune Anapa Uniform Tower" or "Tune Anapa Victor Tower". In any case, the tower for the airport of your choice will be tuned. Both Caucus and Persian Gulf are implemented.

To tune the VHF radio or the UHF radio, say "Tune Frequency xxxx". Replace 'xxxx' with an acceptable 4 digit number. The correct radio will be chosen automatically.  
Example: "Tune Frequency 1275" (This will tune 127.500 in the VHF radio)
Example: "Tune Frequency 2510" (This will tune 251.100 in the UHF radio)

To tune the ADF, say "Direction Finder xxx" . Replace 'xxx' with an acceptable 3 digit number (between 100 and 999).
Example: "Direction Finder 244"  (This will tune 244.000 in the ADF radio)
Example: "Direction Finder 835" (This will tune 835.000 in the ADF radio)

To tune the FM radio presets, say "FM Channel One" or "Channel One". You can replace the number 'One' with 'Two', 'Three', 'Four', 'Five', 'Six', 'Zero', or 'RG'. The frequency presets can only be defined in the DCS Mission editor. Please refer to the Gazelle Flight Manual for more information.

Please have fun and enjoy this VoiceAttack profile. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please feel free to stop on by the ED Forums or to contact me on Discord (Bailey#6230).


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