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Rules of Engagement - Gulf Intercept

Uploaded by - TheHighwayman
Date - 09/17/2019 02:33:33
The Americans have been violating Iranian airspace for weeks, and it is time to put an end to their provocations.

The IRIAF is sending you to lead a pair of MiG 29 on a patrol over the gulf. If the Americans send anything up today, you will be directed to intercept it. If they approach our airspace, you will be directed to warn them. And if they violate our airspace, this time, you may be directed to shoot them down. At all times, mind the rules of engagement!

This mission features a series of variable triggers which will change some key variables each time. That means this mission will enjoy some decent replay value, so give it at least a few plays. Depending on the results of the random triggers, the Americans might bug out, they might not even violate our airspace. Or, they could put up a fight that will test your skills, or leave you bobbing in the gulf, waiting for rescue. Your job is to be prepared for anything.

Please leave feedback! It is useful, good, bad or ugly. Enjoy!

This mission requires the Persian Gulf map and the MiG 29 (DCS FC3).

If you enjoy this mission, you may play a version of it from the American side by searching for Rules of Enagagement - Gulf Patrol. That mission will require the F-14 module. It was built first and plays a little differently, but is quite entertaining.

Special thanks to Grimes and Bunny Clark who answered some important questions that got triggers working as they should.

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