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DCS: World 2.5
VAF Operation Khachapuri V2.0

VAF Operation Khachapuri V2.0

Author - VAF_Gang
Date - 13.12.2019 05:16
VAF Operation Khachapuri V1.0 is a dynamic multi-role mini campaign for a minimum of 6-8 clients based in the Caucasus region!

Mission is set with F-18C, F-14B, F-16C, A-10C, Mi-8 and UH-1H but units can be changed as desired (please read the notes!)

Change log: V2.0 (12-12-2019) Fixed trigger error with units attacking friendly airbases allowing cycle to next mission prematurely. All attacking tanks will have to be destroyed to cycle next mission. Separated client aircraft again due to EWR script too many messages to groups.
(11-7-2019) All F-14B on land bases only due to multi-client warping. Added F-16C clients (still WIP module). Changed KC-135 near Kolkhi to speed needed for F-16C. Changed routes of some AI support aircraft to orbit properly.

Known Issues:

DCS World: When ships are spawned in with late activation, clients currently in the server do not have the correct RWR direction or see special effects, like explosions, at the correct position.  RWR angles and special effects appear at the late activated ship spawn position.  We recommend that you leave the server and rejoin to do the ship mission.

CTLD: If you create an FOB using CTLD it will not be visible to any clients even though it's actually there on the server (see Design section before making any changes). Currently, transported troops will not capture the FARPS, use a crated Stinger MANPAD, or move a truck or tank there.

Client Airframes Late Activation: When Sukhumi is taken, blue aircraft (A10C, MI8 and HUEYS) become available however when you sel ect the slot you will have an outside view and there is a delay before you spawn into the cockpit. You may have to sel ect a different one and sel ect it again.

MIST: We use mist to trigger flag functions but due  to possible coding issues, there is a possibility that some weapons like JSOWs will not trigger the flag. For scenery objects like bridges we recommend using JDAMs.

The Mission:

This is a very long, complex and detailed mission that requires having a decent number of clients using mutual support and different airframes. The recommended number of pilots is 6 to 8. You can fly with fewer clients, but it will be more difficult to achieve success on all the side missions. Take out Sukhumi and Gudauta or you will find it more difficult to complete some of the side missions. You also have two carriers you can utilize, the USS Eisenhower and the USS Tarawa (for Harriers).

We hope you find the campaign to be an enjoyable challenge for both A2A and SEAD. Good tactics are a must for both. There are also 11 side missions that will be started in a random order. Several hours are required to complete the missions depending on number of clients. We recommend pausing your server when no one is logged in so that your squadron can complete all the missions.


The campaign goal is to retake key areas of the Caucasus region and eliminate red forces. Aircraft will spawn from red air bases until captured. The others will continue to function until you capture them. Your main goals are to retake Sukhumi and Gudauta fr om enemy possession and drive all enemy forces fr om Georgian and Abkhazian territory. Once you capture these two airbases and complete the side missions, the campaign is essentially finished, but you are free to continue to push into enemy territory.

Enemy FARP's and logistic posts (need crated object or ground vehicle, troops currently not working!) can be captured and used to pick up troops using CTLD that can then be used to secure areas around airbases and to capture enemy air bases. When you capture Sukhumi you will unlock some airframes that can be used to reduce flight time to side mission objectives. Client MI-8's and UH-1H choppers are at the key airports of Batumi, Kobuleti, Senaki-Kolki and Tbilisi Lochini.

There is a good possibility that you can lose a forward airbase and you will need to use a fallback position like Kutaisi or Batumi. We recommend using CTLD to place HAWK batteries close to the Enguri river and other strategic locations in order to defend against hostile air. We also recommend using CDLD to create additional support units to defend key areas like friendly airbases.

Random long range SAMs and MANPADs spawn in Abkhazia. The SAM sites will have to be dealt with early in the mission so you are able to accomplish some of the side missions. The enemy long range SAMs are supported by the medium range systems placed on the airfields. Positions are hidden by "Fog Of War" making it difficult to get coordinates for JSOW employment. Enemy airfields can be shutdown by striking the taxiways and buildings.

Design (please read before you make changes):

You are encouraged to add as many different client fixed wing aircraft as you like and wherever you want to place them as this will not affect the mission. Do not change the default rotary aircraft (see note below). We also encourage you to change the weather and mission time as you please so that you can experience this in different environments.

Design (cont.)

Regarding CTLD, DO NOT change the group names, grouping or unit names of the transport helicopters. The use of CTLD depends on using specific settings. You are more than welcome to add other choppers but please abide by the CTLD group and naming conventions (refer to the CDLD script in the .miz file).

DO NOT REMOVE the Red Air client as it is used for the MOOSE balancer script and will affect the random patrols!

Randomization of the side missions is done by the LUA script “PickMission.lua” and LUA table “MainMissionTable”. The script, “PickMission.lua” is called when flag1 is triggered. The script randomly triggers flags stored in “MainMissionTable” which in turn starts a side mission. Selected flags are removed fr om the table so that missions are not repeated. The side mission randomization combined with the random hostile air and random spawning of enemy anti-air should give you hours of DCS enjoyment. If you would like to add your own side missions, use the randomization script and table. If you would like help on understanding how this was designed, please reach out to us on the ED forums.


VAF Montrose - Initial Design, Randomization and Scripting
VAF Striker - Mini Mission Layout and Audio Production
VAF WOPR - Scripting and Mission Design consulting
VAF Boomer - Convoy Voice Over and Additional Visual Units
BVS Homefries - Voice Script Brevity & Overlord Voiceovers
BVS Krusty - Voiceover Convoy Actual

VAF & BVS members contributed many hours of testing and consulting on changes to make this a fun multiplayer, multi element mission. Many thanks to all of our contributors!

Special thank you to Eagle Dynamics and the MOOSE, CTLD, MIST & EWR development teams and Scream Inc. for Higher And Higher and all DCS fans for making this worth the effort!
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