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DCS World 2.7

Capture the Flag Caucasus

Uploaded by - Apache600
Date - 08/11/2019 16:12:44
- Version 1.7 -
It's Capture the Flag ... but the most expensive version imaginable!  

Red Airport = Sochi
Blue Airport = Gudauta
All aircraft are Air spawn, north of your home airport.

The Enemy Airport is Waypoint 1 (Current heading after spawning in), Your Home Airport is Waypoint 2.

The first team to 30 points wins.
- Capturing the flag is worth 10 points (if you capture it, the flag resets and you can capture it again)  The Flag is the colored smoke at the enemy airport.
  -  Shooting down an enemy aircraft grants you 1, 2, or 3 points, depending on the aircraft destroyed.   The more sophisticated the aircraft, the more points it's worth.  (The Yak-52 and CE II are worth zero points.  Use this to your advantage!)

Important Gameplay Notes:

    To pick up the enemy flag, come to a complete stop anywhere within 175 meters (575 feet) of the colored smoke.  To drop off the flag, come to a complete stop anywhere within the same distance of the colored smoke at your base.  

    Once your aircraft picks up the enemy flag, an Orange spotting flare will fire from it once every second until you drop the flag off at your base .... or crash.  

    Every airplane is immortal for 60 seconds after spawning.  This is to dissuade people from getting behind the enemy spawn locations and shooting them down right away.

    Aircraft that can carry Air-Air missiles only spawn with 2 IR missiles.  And there are only a very small number of additional missiles at your home base.  No Air-Ground weapons are allowed.

    If you want to switch aircraft, you MUST land in your own flag area, and come to a complete stop, before switching aircraft.  This is the only way to de-activate the point system so you won't count as being killed.

Update Log:
v1.7 :  Added 2 F1-CE’s to Red Team
          Added 2 MB-339 placeholders to Blue Team

v1.6 :  2 Mosquitos added

v1.5 :  Placeholders for future aircraft added

v1.4 :   Updated atmospheric conditions for new cloud system
           Switched an F-14B to F-14A

v1.3 :   Added 1 of each P-47 models.
           Added 2 A-10C II’s

v1.2 :   Added 2 P-47’s.
           Removed AAR probes from JF-17

v1.1 :   Added 2 F-16’s.
           Added 2 JF-17’s.
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