F/A-18C SPOC (Stores Page - Ordnance Codes) v2.7 ** updated October 22 **

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F/A-18C SPOC (Stores Page - Ordnance Codes) v2.7 ** updated October 22 **

Type - Document
Uploaded by - Arink429
Date - 04/10/2019 16:30:43
** v2.7: AIM-7P, ADM-141 TALD and BRU 42 (ITER) added; cosmetic changes.

This document provides information about the different codes shown on the Stores Page and the common name of the weapon for easy identification and allows you to calculate the Drag Index, Aircraft weight and position of the Center of Gravity (% MAC).

After v2.4, all 5 pylons weight are included on basic aircraft weight as a default (37,406 lb. for 100% internal fuel and 0% gun rounds).
After v2.5, corrections for center of gravity are provided for each store (last column below Drag Index). ** New document for that purpose will be released soon **.

ATTENTION: Different weights for pylons, racks and launchers are provided if able. Take care of not forget/count twice these components.

For practicity, in some cases, (1x), (2x), etc, means total weight (store+rack+launcher); you will not have to count separately all weights.

Weights taken from the "Paint and Loadout" page on Mission Editor.

Some weapons have sub-variants with same code, in this case an asterisc (*) alerts of that.


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