F/A-18C SPOC (Stores Page - Ordnance Codes) v2.3

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F/A-18C SPOC (Stores Page - Ordnance Codes) v2.3

F/A-18C SPOC (Stores Page - Ordnance Codes) v2.3

Type - Document
Author - Arink429
Date - 04/10/2019 16:30:43
**V2.3: -GBU-24, GBU-31(v)2/B, GBU-31(V)4/B and GBU-32(v)2/B added.
            -Symbology for new changes added (short vertical bar on the left side of change).
            -Kneeboard PNGs  for day and night added.

** V2.2: -Basic Drag Index added.
             -Pylon/laucher names added.
             -New aircraft icon (back view), as STORES page shows (station 1 on the left side). **

This document helps you to interpreting the ordnance codes shown on the stores page of the F/A-18C.

This document provides information about the different codes shown on the Stores Page and the common name of the weapon for easy identification. After v2.2. also includes the racks and pylons where the stores are loaded as well as the basic Drag Index for each item. Upcoming updates will provide interference drag index.

Weight for each unit (two units (2x) if applicable) are provided, as well as the load stations applicables for each weapon.

Weights taken from the Loading pop-up box (Ground Crew Menu).

Some weapons have sub-variants with same code, in this case an asterisc (*) alerts of that.


Good flights!

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