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DCS World 2.5

AIM-9 Lock Tone fix for F14

Type - Sound
Uploaded by - ohyeah2389
Date - 03/25/2019 05:55:00
Do you hate the new Aim-9 lock tone in the F-14B? Do you worry that Heatblur won't make it realistic? Well worry no longer! Introducing the Aim-9 Lock Tone fix mod. With this simple (JSGME-compatible) mod, your ears will no longer be subjected to more damage than the enemy you're firing that Sidewinder at. Best of all - it's integrity-check compliant!

This fix is available in four flavors - Original, which reverts the lock tone back to its release state, - High Tone, which substitutes the ear-splitting tone with a still high pitched but less murderous noise borrowed from the F/A-18, - Original Mixed with 50% (most realistic), which is the newest version of the tone mixed with the release version of the tone to accurately simulate what a real pilot might hear (based on, and - Tinnitus Version, which is the version of the sound that makes your ears bleed, if you like that sort of thing.

UPDATE v1.1 3/26/19: New variant "New Tone 50% Pitch" ---obsolete, now in-game (thanks Heatblur!)
UPDATE v1.2 3/28/19: New variant "Original Mixed with 50% (most realistic)", and substituted "New Tone 50% Pitch" with "Tinnitus Version"

Drop all folders into your JSGME _mods folder, then enable the version you want in JSGME. Make sure to disable the mod while updating the game, else it may get overwritten.

Copy the contents of whichever version you prefer into the root of your DCS World folder. (Note: not the "Saved Games" one, it might not work if installed there.) You will have to re-do this process after every game update.

Disclaimer: The "Original" and "High Tone" sounds are copied from the DCS World/Sounds folder, and therefore are *not* original material made by me. The "Tinnitus Version" file is the one from the F14 update that was way too high pitch.
This mod comes with no warranty, expressed or implied (basically if this mod damages your computer/your life, I'm not responsible for it, and I never said I was).
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
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