Operation Eagle - Chechnyan Training Camp Assault

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DCS World 2.5
A-10C Warthog

Operation Eagle - Chechnyan Training Camp Assault

Uploaded by - irishlad200000
Date - 03/03/2019 13:41:15
This is a single player mission in which you will attack a Chechnyan Training Camp.  You will encounter heavy anti-air.

There has been an increase of support for Chechnyan Insurgents in the area of Paravani.  A group has set up a training camp on the east side of Paravani Lake.  Although the force is roughly platoon strength, they have acquired a very high level of anti-air technology.  There are reports of SA-18’s and SA-11’s which may have been supplied from Russian stockpiles recently sold on the black market.  The Georgian government is directly threatened by this Chechnyan force and has requested the help of the United States.  Although a ground offensive would make sense, we can’t risk US tanks being sighted in the area near the Russian border to Georgia.  The only option is an air strike.  This will not be a cake walk, and you may take heavy fire from the SAM’s.  We have a UH1 loaded with Delta Force travelling to Gora Kyzyidag peak to create a permanent OP to give us eyes on in the area.  They should not require any assistance or cover, as they are out of the SAM range.
You have a very brave JTAC ‘Deathstar’ who is danger close to the enemy group.  Contact him for targets when you approach the IP.  He should deploy smoke to ensure there is no ‘blue on blue’!

A massive issue however is the SA-11’s which have the whole AO covered!  We have tasked 2 AV8B’s to destroy the threat ahead of you guys.  Please give the runway to them first.  They will contact you when their mission is complete.

This will not end, so return to base when you are happy with the battlefield damage assessment as you would do in RL ops.

As usual voice communications, triggers and quite a lot going on!  Performance wise really good!

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