The Battle for Al Hayer, an A10C night armor attack mission in the southern desert

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A-10C Warthog

The Battle for Al Hayer, an A10C night armor attack mission in the southern desert

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Date - 01/28/2019 05:42:03
This night mission gives you the choice of using GBU12 laser guided bombs or AGM65D mavericks in coordination with a Reaper drone who is lasing targets for you above a dynamic armor battlefield.

JTAC will automatically designate targets for you at mission start until no more targets are available. There is no need to contact JTAC by radio. JTAC status (available targets) are available via the comms menu (backslash \). Select F10 and JTAC status to see current targeting information.

A major armor battle is developing at 3 in the morning as Redfor attempts to advance towards Al Hayer in the southern desert. Bluefor Command has tasked 3 columns of mixed armoured vehicles patrolling south to meet the threat with artillery and air support. Bluefor Intelligence believe SA-19 are operating in the desert south of Al Hayer. SEAD aircraft will precede CAS aircraft to suppress and destroy RedFor SAM units prior to BLUEFOR CAS operations.

Weather Conditions:
3:15 local time, clear with light winds from the east. Full moon.

Red Task:

Advance toward Al Hayer from the southeast.

Blue Task:

1)Engines started at 3:15 local time, complete cockpit preparations, takeoff and navigate to the IP, loiter are necessary until SA-19 (S6 on RWR) threat is eliminated. Allow ENFIELD SEAD to clear the battle area of SA-19 SAM units prior leaving IP area towards SNAPSHOT TGT AREA,
then proceed towards SNAPSHOT.

2)Destroy RedFor armor targets designated by SNAPSHOT JTAC. SNAPSHOT JTAC will provide targeting designation by laser on code 1688.

3)Your flight is supported by FOCUS AWACS, CHEVY and DODGE CAP on freq 121.8.

4)Anticipate RedFor air assets operating in conjunction with ground units.

5)Return to Al Minhad AB after targets are destroyed.

JTAC status and target information will be provided by text on the comm menu (backslash \ ), then press F10 look for JTAC STATUS.

Within 15NM of SNAPSHOT press LSS on TGP MFD to search for laser designated targets on code 1688.

For GBU12 attacks: Use JTAC to find a Redfor armor column, but change your laser targeting code (not LSS) to a different code (ex. 1677) if you want to designate other targets not lased by JTAC for more targeting flexibility. Caution: BlueFor units are operating in the area, be sure to visually identify targets you self designate on TGP prior to weapon release. Do this on the ground before takeoff.

Beware of air traffic in the vicinity Al Minhad AB, it’s a busy airport.

Skills you can practice on this mission:

1)Navigate to waypoints using UFC and CDU

2)Setting up DSMS panel for GBU12 or MAVERICK delivery

3)Use TGP to find laser designated targets using LSS.

4)Use MAVERICK, CBU97 and GBU12

5)Use Night Vision Goggles/laser designation from JTAC to attack vehicles with gun.

6)Navigate back to Al Minhad AB

The following add-ons are not required but will enhance your DCS experience:

Better Smoke for DCS World 2.5.6

DiCE: DCS Integrated Countermeasure Editor v4.2 by Bailey

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