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Tropico civilian aircraft skins

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Gerbilskij
Date - 01/26/2019 10:44:40
Fictional Tropican skins for civilian planes (DC3, B727, B737)

A pack containing a four Tropican civilian liveries for the DC3, B727 and B737 by the Civil Aircraft Mod.

Two liveries are included for the B727, an older and newer version, while the 737 livery is still in an unfinished state but should be fine from a distance.

The followings mods are required:
- DCS DC3 by Markindel or Civilian DC3 by Stonehouse ( )

Installation: the file is NOT JSGME/OvGME ready, you have to unzip it and manually place the skin folders to their respective livery folders:

C:\Users\YOURNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\Aircraft\Civil Aircraft Mod\Liveries\ (then B727, B737)
C:\Users\YOURNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\Aircraft\Douglas DC3\Liveries\DC3\

Release notes
v0.9 - initial beta release, 737 still WIP
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
  • Size: 9.71 Mb
  • Downloaded: 256
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