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DCS World 2.5
C-101 Aviojet

Navigation Practice Missions for the C-101CC

Uploaded by - Rudel-Chw
Date - 01/07/2019 23:56:12
Set of 5 Navigation practice missions for the C-101CC set on Caucasus. There are two versions of each Mission: a simpler one with no wind, and a more difficult one, with 5 m/s wind. Requires use of the following Mod: VPC Airfield Equipment Mod, you can download it here:

To install these missions, just uncompress on your /Saved Games/DCS/ or /Saved Games//DCS.openbeta/  folders ... the Missions will then appear on DCS on the Missions -> User Missions menu.

Each Mission includes a custom kneeboard with the mission's briefing (also included in PDF format), and Normal & Navigation Procedures. To encourage precision flying, a points score is given at the end of the Mission, after the player has landed.

Comments and Bug reports, please post them on this Thread of ED's Forum:
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