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Persian Gulf waypoints template mission

Uploaded by - Nu-NRG
Date - 12/08/2018 22:10:58
Empty Persian Gulf map mission that includes ENR waypoints

Persian Gulf waypoint templates

- Included ENR waypoints extracted from recent (Q3/Q4 2018) Iranian & UAE AIP
- Single A-10C parked on Al Minahd AB

Number of waypoints:
Iran    131
UAE    398
Total    529

This zip files includes:
TMPL_Iran_ENR_Only.miz    -    Blank DCS mission that includes only Iranian waypoints (Iran ENR)
TMPL_UAE_ENR_Only.miz    -    Blank DCS mission that includes only UAE waypoints (UAE ENR)
TMPL_All_ENR.miz    -    Blank DCS mission that includes all waypoints (Iran & UAE ENR)
Persian Gulf ENR.kmz    -    Google Earth KMZ file that can be used for planning (includes waypoints & DCS PG map outline)

Tools used:
Linux console (sed, grep, awk, tr, split, etc .. lots of regex magic)
Google Earth (csv import > kmz export)
Combat Flite (kmz import > miz export)

Special thanks:
Thor77 aka InFlames for help!
Viper39 for making CombatFlite tool!

I might do the waypoints for QATAR, BAHRAIN, Saudi Arabia and Oman.
If you have access to Oman AIP, let me know.
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