Operation Telephone Pole - an Iron Hand mission for the A-4E Skyhawk

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Operation Telephone Pole - an Iron Hand mission for the A-4E Skyhawk

Uploaded by - Don Rudi
Date - 11/27/2018 16:59:59
Welcome to Operation Telephone Pole - an Iron Hand / SEAD mission for the Community A-4E-C Skyhawk.

A strike package of two VMA-311 A-4E Skyhawks ("CAT flight") is tasked to bomb a bridge in the north to cut the vital supply routes of the Ho Chi Gurk trail. An RF-8 recce Crusader shot photos of two Gurkcong SA-2 Guideline SAM units in the area. Your mission is to fly ahead of the strikers and silence the SA-2s.

Mission contains a dozen custom voiceovers, and custom kneeboard.

+++update 6/2021+++
Mission completely overhauled

You are about to fly a classic Iron Hand mission in a VMA-311 Tomcats Douglas A-4E Skyhawk. Your aircraft will be armed with 4 AGM-45A Shrike anti-radiation missiles. To compensate for the lack of a functioning RHAW in the community A-4E-C, I included a script that will trigger an aural missile launch warning, as soon as the Gurkcong fire an SA-2 (or something different, should you stray too far off course).
Shortly behind you a strike package of two further A-4 Skyhawks will depart Gudauta tasked with bombing the remaining bridge near Krasnodar. You will have to make sure no SAM threat blocks the route of the strikers.

Mission highlights:
* dozen custom voice overs
* custom kneeboard
* triggered ATC messages
* RWR with aural missile launch warning

Knowledge how to input your waypoint coordinates into the navigation computer as well as a basic understanding of the AGM-45A are mandatory.

Note: Extract the zip file into your c:\users\your name\saved games\DCS folder. It will also add the kneeboard folder to the A-4E-C.
Should you not get the kneeboard to work, the waypoint coordinates can also be requested via the F10 COMMS menu.

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