Jane's F-15 Iran IADS template V.1.4 (updated 01/23/19)

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Jane's F-15 Iran IADS template V.1.4 (updated 01/23/19)

Uploaded by - GrizzlyBear83
Date - 11/10/2018 09:56:52
Based on the Iran Campaign template from Jane's F-15, this template tries to replicate the IADS from Jane's F-15, although mostly only in the detailed areas of the Persian Gulf map with SAM sites, AAA-sites, radar sites, Silkworm batteries, and a few ammunition depots, and I added defenses, ammunition depots and a radar base at Jask. Not 100% accurate at the moment, and not every AAA battery and SAM site is replicated.

This template is fully compatible with MacadamCow's "Power Plants and Weapon Factory - Static Template" and "Oil Rigs And Gas Platforms". I've even placed air defenses near MacadamCow's Weapon Factory (which coincidentially is fairly close to a Chemical Weapons plant which is attacked in the Jane's F-15 Iran Campaign). I also placed a few UAE Patriot missile batteries near the UAE air bases.

Version 1.4 (2019-01-23): Some minor edits.

Somewhat work in progress if Eagle Dynamics adds more defenses or static objects.

Place in mission folder.

Depending on your computer hardware, there could be some stuttering. I have no major issues running at 1080p, graphical settings at high, shadows at low, and with MSAA, depth of field, lens effects, motion blur, SSAA and anisotropic filtering turned off. Your milage may vary.

My rig:
I7 6700K @ 4 ghz
16 gig RAM
Geforce 1070
Regular mechanical hard drive.
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