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DCS World 2.5

GrinnelliDesigns Air Show Scenery

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - GrinnelliDesigns
Date - 10/26/2018 03:16:12
Air Show Scenery as seen at VUAF 2018 is now available.

Use these fun assets to spice up your DCS content!

Mod pack updates can be found here as they become available.

Have a request for a specific asset please use the comments section so I have a record and date of request please.

Animated Assets: Found under Air Defense and you must place the actual unit if you want the animation to work, if no animation is required place a static object instead.
Ferris Wheel - 2 sizes 300ft and 200ft max height
Gyro Loop - Warning only has one speed "GO!"
Swing Ride - Fun for the kids, no show is complete without a bi-plane ride.
Concert Stage - Meteor Show, lights are animated just add "Fear the Bones"

Static Assets: Found under Infantry and Structures
Crowd - 200 people per unit
Bleachers with people
Top Dog Hot Dog Cart
Traffic Cone
PA Speaker
Metal Fence 25 links, 50 links
Event Tents Large and Small
Light Pole
Volleyball Court
and more
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
  • Size: 72.73 Mb
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