Caucasus FA-18C Carrier Cold Start Scramble! 1.5

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Caucasus FA-18C Carrier Cold Start Scramble! 1.5

Uploaded by - capella.jorge
Date - 10/16/2018 01:56:28
This Carrier was tasked to be sold to Georgia from a deal lead by Mike Pencil. With Russia's surprise and swift occupation of Georgia, the Carrier has been placed in a holding pattern in the black sea unable to dock until further diplomatic talks takes place and the removal of Russian occupiers.

Upset by the attempted sale, Russia has now opted to immediately scramble and intercept the carrier before it can link up with the US Navy - in a swift surprise attack, catching fighters still on the deck.

Note: This Carrier inadequately protected.

Unknown to Russia, the United States has intercepted these plans by an informant on the ground.

You are tasked with defending this Carrier and it's escorts.

Start up your Hornet, taxi to the catapult.


2 Harrier's has volunteered there assistance in a risky pre-SEAD mission from the (inbound) CV Tarawa.

2 F-15c's has been scrambled from US Base

On the deck of the USS Stennis and in a cold and dark Hornet.

Harrier's buzzing tower.

TCN 74X on BRC of 13 degrees.

ICLS on channel 11
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