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Emirati Rebellion - A DCS : Su-25 mini campaign

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - kabalum
Date - 10/14/2018 20:49:06
2012 - United Arab Emirates - Fujairah

A failed Omani coup coupled with the tension of the Arab Spring? It was no surprise that civil war erupted in the Kingdom to the South. Taking advantage of spotty border security and limited military presence, a cohort of rebels seizes the opportunity to strike out North and pillage the riches of the UAE’s Eastern shipping hubs.

Keen to gain a stronger political foothold in the Gulf, Russia responds to the UAE’s international request for military aid, offering the services of a mixed-regiment air detachment as well as mechanised infantry support.

You are a Su-25 pilot deployed to Fujairah under Russian military aid. While not the most modern of craft, the ‘Grach‘ is a perfect tool to deal with the rebellion and restore order to the Gulf. In cooperation with the UAE military and the Russian ground forces, you will perform close air support and counter-insurgency op

Emirati Rebellion is a mini campaign for the Su-25A, set in the Persian Gulf. As a counter-insurgency attack pilot you will be tested in a range of CAS and COINOPs missions against a well-equipped rebel force.

Each of the six missions in this campaign features custom-made briefing maps and imagery. This is a trigger-based campaign, and you must complete your primary objective in each mission to progress. You must also stick to the route on your flight-plan where possible.

Weapon loadouts are not fixed, but the defaults are recommended.

This is my first public campaign and your feedback would be most appreciated. Drop me a PM at <a class="txttohtmllink" href="https://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=137981">https://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=137981</a> or comment below if you have any thoughts to share. <br />

Version 1.2 (17/11/2018) - Mission 2 friendly ground forces pathing fixed.
Version 1.1 - corrected file upload.
Version - 1.0 - initial upload.
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