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Civilian Objects v1.95

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - joe_rowe
Date - 10/06/2018 12:46:44
Civil Objects v1.95 by JR for DCS World 2.5

Civilian style objects library.  See changes below.

Hospital Heliport
Emergency Service Vehicles / Static & Ground units
Animated vehicles / Lights
Airfield Objects
Airfield Vehicles

I have created a forum here with more images:

To install:

0.    - If you have earlier versions, just overwrite when prompted. Previous content will still be intact.

      *Large heliports will need to be re-added.
      **Lit vehicles are now ground units and need to be re-added from the ground unit menu.

1.    - Unzip and place the extracted folder called "Civil_Objects" to:

    - C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech\

To use:

2.    - Open up mission editor - sel ect Static Object button - choose category "Structures" or "Heliports".

    - You will find entries starting with "Civ".

    - To add movable vehicles - Choose New Ground Unit - You will find the vehicles in the "Unarmed" category.

    - Place on map.

    *  Heliports will allow you to start from the pad (hot, cold, parking, ramp), these act differently to the helipads.
    ** DCS engine handles heliport placement differently to static objects (mainly height), that’s why a block has been added.


    - I have many other civil objects to create and will add to the package when each is complete.
    - Improvement of current objects.
    - User requests.
    - Performance optimisation.
    - Animated day / night lighting.
    - Increase Heliport Parking.

Enjoy and give feedback for improvements / requests.





2x Helipads.

Added: Airfield Lights.

Added: Emergency Vehicles.

Added: Drivers to lit vehicles - Second Police Car.

Added: Hospital building with heliport - Converted 2x helipads to heliports. (This allows starts from pads and counts landings in logbook)

Added: Apron Lights 360 & 180, BTS. Reworked all lighting, increased range of ground lights.

Added: 3x Heliports, Temperate / Desert / Winter - Some optimisations - Lighting optimisations.

Added: 6x emergency vehicles as ground units.
Added: Windows to the back of the hospital.
Added: Gates to the heliport fence.
Optimised all models for better performance.
Optimised all textures for better performance.


Added: Animated wheels for Ground unit vehicles.
Added: Animated lights for moving Ground unit vehicles.


Added: 2x "Follow Me" animated ground units.
Optimised vehicle glass for ground units.


Added: Police Motorcycle animated ground units.
Optimised vehicle performance data to vary speed.


Added: 3x Ground Service Vehicles as animated ground units.
Added: 4x Parking slots for the large FARPS / Heliports for AI - Pads 1 to 4

Massive thanks to the makers of the following library’s - (All fr om X-Plane and converted to DCS with AC3D and 3DS Max):

The Handy Objects library.
MisterX Library.
3d People Library.

Thanks to Flight Gear UK for the GNU static helicopter models.
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  • Language: English
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