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F18 CAS Arrow SP

Uploaded by - Habu_69
Date - 09/23/2018 12:48:58
Single player F/A-18C CAS/RESCAP mission. Original mission by fpullanojr, modifed by Habu for single player DCS 2.5.3 Sept. 2018. File includes mission data card and flight plan.

US army forces are defending a small island outpost in Georgia guarding a bridge-head near the FLOT. They are in contact with hostile groups of light armored units west of their position, across a river. Two flights of 2 x F/A-18C (Colt 1, Colt 2) are tasked to fly to Army outpost and provide CAS as directed by AFAC Pointer. Fly lead for Colt 1 flight, launching from USS Stennis off Georgia coast. Form up with Colt 2 at WP 1. Fly to IP at WP2 and beware of SAMs along your route. At WP2 JTAC Pointer on the bridge will make visual contact and direct your attack.

Mission requires following DCS mod:
"Navy Deck Crew" available at DCS User Files: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301580/

Note: at this stage of DCS 2.5.3 Open Beta, AI aircraft contribution to mission accomplishment is unreliable.

This mission can easily be converted to multi-player, with 2 x A-10C perhaps, to assist with CAS.
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