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DCS World 2.5
SA342 Gazelle

Operation Watcher- Gazelle

Uploaded by - glynlewis
Date - 09/22/2018 19:37:50
This is a relatively easy mission and should take about 45 minutes.

The fleet are off the coast of Sukhumi. The whole area has been under enemy attack for some time.
Our Intel have persuaded an enemy defector to hand over essential information which could bring the current hostilities to an early end.
The defector is known as code name “Mouse”.
“Mouse” will be delivering the top-secret information to our advanced outpost Alpha today.
Your code name is “Watcher” your mission is to pilot your Gazelle off HMS Jupiter, “Mother”, and head to the outpost Alpha landing pad (Way Point 2). There you are to land facing the outpost but keep engines running. Your objective is to observe and ensure all goes well during the transfer. When complete you are to land back on “Mother”.
You are armed with rockets and the gun. (Suggest you make use of the gun)

The mission starts with engines running so ensure collective is down.
You need to be able to change and follow the preselected way points.
The mission is trigger based so it is important that you follow all the text message instructions and way points.
There is no need for use of the radio as all messages are generated by the triggers.
I have left labels on, I use reduced points in VR, switch them off if you want.
I have put unlimited fuel and weapons, just for fun.

Hope you enjoy its my first one on the forum.

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