Krymsk Defense feat. AV8B, F/A-18C, A-10, F-15C

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DCS World 2.5
AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL

Krymsk Defense feat. AV8B, F/A-18C, A-10, F-15C

Uploaded by - KirkaFordis Rex
Date - 08/25/2018 18:02:07
This is a multiplayer/single player mission where the AV8 is used to defend ground units in the town of Krymsk from assaulting armor convoys. The mission takes 60 minutes to complete, and can be completed with a group of friends or by yourself.

This mission highlights the use of the AV8s TGP and laser designated weapons to halt the advance and destroy columns of fast moving armor.

Armor spawns randomly at one of the 4 spawn points around the city, listen for the recon announcement, find the convoy and destroy it before if can get close to your units and destroy them. If all friendly ground units are destroyed before 60 minutes the mission is a failure.

Occasionally, enemy attack aircraft will spawn and try to destroy ground units. With randomized encounters, the mission is never  the same twice.

Completing optional secondary objectives can boost your assets on the ground, or get much needed reinforcements to help protect your units.

I made this mission shortly after the Harrier was released. I wanted a mission that was short enough that I could sit down and play it relatively quickly (1 hour) either by myself or with a group of friends. But was scale-able enough that I could host the mission online and anybody could jump in and play. There are lots of blue aircraft that are flyable in the mission, and some limited options for red aircraft. This ensures that you will mostly all play on the same team.

The mission takes place in the city of Krymsk in the Caucasus. Blue artillery units are setting up in the city and must be defended by blue air forces against small convoys o f armor. These convoys spawn randomly around the 4 points of the city and you must watch for the announcement on the screen, go to the appropriate waypoint as noted in your briefing, and locate and destroy the convoy. Most convoys are made up of 5-8 vehicles, and will stop once fired upon. Destroy them all before they can make their way into the city and destroy the artillery units. If all the artillery units are destroyed the mission is a failure, if at least 1 artillery unit survives after 60 minutes, the mission is a success.

One of the things I like about this mission is it's high replayability. Enemies never come from the same direction mission to mission, so it will always be different. Sometimes the focus is enemy air, but most of the time it's the ground. Completing any of the 4 optional objectives enhance the gameplay by providing your team with helpful computer assets like SAM sites, anti-armor vehicles or aircraft and more units to help stem the tide of enemy armor.

Hope you enjoy it as as much as I have.
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