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Seaside strike

Uploaded by - alaryk
Date - 08/16/2018 22:15:17
A new sam site is under construction in le Havre's harbour. Il must be setroyed before it get operational.

Your task is to strike the Sam command post.

Due to heavy air defense  and ships presence you must follow the coast line at low altitude and high speed, Follow the flight plan as close as possible to reduce detection probability.

you can't afford more than a single pass on the target: AA is heavy... and a second pass will let them react.
Avoid at any coast ground space on your way back to the stennis. The defenses are too heavy.

The destruction of this Sam site should open a windows for a harbor strike.

Destroy the Sam site located at WP 6.
Keep low altitude to avoid detection  and Air defense near the coastline.. Your altitude souldn't exceed 200 feet MSL between WP 1  to WP  5 and between  WP 7  to  WP 8.

An Enemy naval force is incomming to le Havre and should be in sensor range of the target  around 06 h.14.00

Use F10 for ATC, it will give you all informations needed.
Read the briefing carrefully, not following it will make the task very very hard ;)

The target is hard to spot, Auto mode is recommanded, but don't forget to set target élévation.

Have fun !

ps: feel free to correct my english...not my native language !
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