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YAK-52 Full KneeBoard Set

Type - Document
Uploaded by - assafm25
Date - 08/10/2018 20:50:01
In Game Kneeboard set made by the original manual

Full YAK-52 Checklist / KneeBoard set

Hi All ,

I am proud to present my last Knee board set Project
And this time - YAK-52 .
Made by the original aviation manual http://www.aviaserv.com/failai/Yak52OperationsManual.pdf

How to use :
1. Use it as a printed document and made your own aircraft Check list book .
2 .Extract the Folder to C:\Users\***Your Username***\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard\ and us it as a IN Game Knee board Shift+K.

Include :
- Cover
- Pre-Start
- Engine Starting
- Engine Test Run
- Taxiing
- TakeOff
- ShutDown
- Landing
- Acrobatics
- Limitation

If u founds any mistake please let me know and i will do my best to fix it .

Hope U found it use Full  .

Forum Thread :
If u found any wrong or correction please let me know
Hope u found it useful

Installation :
Just copy it to Your saved games Kneeboard folder
C:\Users\Your User Name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard
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