A10C Warthog - Moapa Compound

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DCS World 2.5
A-10C Warthog

A10C Warthog - Moapa Compound

Uploaded by - Rhinozherous
Date - 07/21/2018 20:32:28
Short and relative easy mission for the A10C Warthog on the Nevada Map.

This is a mission where you attack a small compound defended by some T-72 tanks.

This is my first shared mission for DCS World and a "test balloon" in some way - If people like it I will do some more of this sort. I think about a line of short and relative easy missions. Think of it as mission generator mission but made by a human... me :)
As my knowledge with the editor is basic the missions will not be very complex. But sometimes the less is more I think. Also, if I do more of this sort I will be able to produce them relative quickly. I like it to fiddle around with selfmade soundfiles and pictures, so this will add some immersion.

Hope you like it, please tell me any tips, hints and so on in the comments section.

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