Eastern Friendship - An F/A-18 Campaign on the Caucasus Map By Sedlo (updated June 11, 2022)

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Eastern Friendship - An F/A-18 Campaign on the Caucasus Map By Sedlo (updated June 11, 2022)

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - SEDLO
Date - 07/08/2018 14:29:44
Updated June 11, 2022

- Campaign updated to fix DCS Se t Frequency Changes

This is a fictional, “what if” scenario where Georgia had hurriedly joined NATO prior to the full scale Russian invasions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

USAF, USMC, Canadian and French air power has begun basing at airbases around Georgia proper, and have commenced defensive air operations.  Currently, NATO air forces are cleared to operate within the territorial boundaries of Georgia, and are cleared to conduct strikes to support NATO ground forces within Georgian Airspace.

Eastern Friendship is a 4 mission mini campaign for the DCS F/A-18 module on the Caucasus map.  Each mission features in depth briefing guides, a ton of custom scripts and voice overs which will present you with a very realistic taste of modern air combat.

This campaign will test your skills in all aspects of CF-18 Hornet operations, fr om air to air to air to ground to aerial refueling and almost everything in between

Notes about the campaign:

1.  Each mission briefing has a link a dropbox folder where you will find the mission documents.  Familiarize yourself with the mission briefs, target photos and intelligence reports prior to jumping into the cockpit!

2.  This mission is trigger based, which means that in order for the mission to work, certain things must be done.  This may include using the Radio Menu / F10 option at various times.

3.  You must fly to your assigned route or way point, unless otherwise directed by ATC or MAGIC.  Of course, if you get jumped by the bad guys, HONOUR THE THREAT!

4.  DO NOT CHANGE THE WEAPONS LOADOUTS!  You quite possibly will break the mission.  Fly with the weapons your operations officers give you!  (having said that, I will take any suggestions you might have and possibly incorporate them into future missions).

5.  Have fun with it!  I've worked an incredible about of time on these four missions.  I really do hope you like them!  If you do, let me know here, or in the forums

6.  https://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=129258 is my DCS profile, if you want to discuss anything non publicly, you can shoot me a PM through that link.  If you found the campaign to be fun, donations are always welcome, too.
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