DCS 2.5.2 Open Beta - Hornet Hangar VR Menu Scene (RCAF CF-18's+USN) (v2.0)

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DCS 2.5.2 Open Beta - Hornet Hangar VR Menu Scene (RCAF CF-18's+USN) (v2.0)

Type - Other
Uploaded by - Cluster
Date - 06/29/2018 04:21:36
VR main menu Scenes. All 3 scenes comes with 3 differents point of views kits (Cockpit view, Human Height View and slightly  over view),  with a customed menu background and music/sound montage tracks as a hangar ambiant scene. You got 3 different kits one using DCS's USN VX-9 Livery, DCS's Default RCAF Low-Vis Livery and one with my own customed RCAF Livery.

INSTALLATION: Folders structures made for Mod Enabler like OVGME, just make sure tou install by pointing it to your Game Folder and not the Saved Games folder, wasn't able to make all of them work by loading there. To use the Theme make sure to click on the Hornet module icon on the bottom and select « Set as Walla Paper », the volume of the track/scene can be adjsut witht he Music volume in sounds settings.

Here's a link for my RCAF liveries and a link to a Youtube  WIP i made for the sound, a few thign changed since then, there is no more music playing. Feel free to adjust the level of the hangar scene by going in your sound setup and adjusting the Music slider.

  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
  • Size: 46.11 Mb
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