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DCS World 2.5

Shah of Persia - v1.1.3

Uploaded by - Tuuvas_Server
Date - 05/27/2018 20:44:38
Duke it out in intense low-level, building-dodging dogfights and become the SHAH OF PERSIA!

This MULTIPLAYER mission is your standard 'King of the Hill' game-mode but with a prop head twist - it is WARBIRDS ONLY over the skies of the PERSIAN GULF. Take to the skies in your favorite WWII plane and attempt to capture the area marked with SMOKE AND FIRE. The objective of the mission is to be the first team to 100 points by staying within the RING OF FIRE surrounding the BURJ KHALIFA; but be warned! You must also stay BELOW BUILDING HEIGHT in order to gain points ... if you try and go for a high yo-yo for an advantageous shot on your opponent, you sacrifice being able to score points by doing so. Additionally, your opponent could very well zip and weave between buildings to avoid your incoming fire, forcing an overshoot right into a concrete tower!

Both RED and BLUE sides all have the same Warbirds; however, their skins have been pre-chosen to help with IFF. BLUES have mostly blue skins while REDS have either red skins or not-blue skins (limits of default skins). Both RED and BLUE sides are air-started, so once you crash and die (because you will), you'll be able to immediately respawn and get right back into the action.

Once either team reaches 100 points, an air raid siren will sound off and announce the winner. From there the mission will end, points reset, and all units will explode to start a new round.

- Punish units for landing in capture area
- If 1 team has more units in capture zone, they will suppress enemy presence and begin gaining points again
- Gaining 10, 30, 50, 70, or 90 points will grant a Flare Support perk that marks all enemy planes with flares for 10 seconds
- Gaining 20, 40 or 60 points will grant an Armor Support perk that activates allied armor units to shoot on enemy planes for 10 seconds
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