Through The Inferno (Persian Gulf) - Dynamic and Endless Task-Based Mission

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DCS: World 2.7

Through The Inferno (Persian Gulf) - Dynamic and Endless Task-Based Mission

Uploaded by - deadlyfishes
Date - 05/25/2018 01:14:13
Through The Inferno (Dynamic PvE) by deadlyfishes is an endless, dynamic, and open-world PvE experience for DCS World.
All DCS aircraft are flyable with a dynamic mission spawning and tasking menu.
All missions are dynamically generated with random enemy unit groups for all mission types.
Choose between several eras of aerial combat operations to enjoy any and all availble DCS modules!

Available missions include; Air, ground, sea, convoy hunt, and helo attack missions.

All aspects of this dynamic/endless mission can be configured:
- Change missions to auto-spawn or manual spawn
- Adjustable enemy unit types
- Change the time dynamically between A2A spawns
- Amazing "Zeus" functions where you can spawn units using map markers!
- AIRBOSS Carrier Ops Script Options
- Fully alive and living world with dynamic AI, Highly customizable AI Civilian/Military AIR Traffic/Carrier Ops
- Much more! Detailed guides included!


Current Version: v2.2.7b - October 28, 2022

TTI Singleplayer Missions Changelog:

Through The Inferno (Dynamic PvE) by deadlyfishes is an endless, dynamic, and open-world PvE experience for DCS World.

"Eras of War" options included: Experience the vast world of aerial combat operations past and present by selecting your desired conflict time period.
The mission experience will automatically generate suitable ground, air and sea missions based on your mission era selection without the need of loading a separate mission file!
Current Mission Eras include: World War 2, Korean War, Modern. Unit spawns are still editable! WW2 Asset Pack can be optionally enabled.

Mission attributes such as setting how many ground units and ground unit type at missions and many other options are now editable in the mission editor!
Check the tutorial text file how to go about editing the mission settings and what each setting does!

Use your COMMUNICATIONS MENU button to find the tasking menus. (Usually bound to your \ key ).

Please check out the README and TUTORIAL files on how to change mission settings, add more player/AI slots, move mission zones and more!

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ED Forum Information and Support Forum Posts:
TTI Caucasus Map:


TTI Pesian Gulf Map:

TTI Syria Map:

TTI Mariana Islands Map:

TTI South Atlantic Map:

TTI Normandy Map:


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Official Through The Inferno website:



A CUSTOM KNEEBOARD WITH A LIST OF TACANS/FREQUENCIES IS AVAILABLE! Usually, you can pull up the kneeboard with K or Shift-K. Use [ to navigate BACKWARDS to find the custom page(s). If those are not the controls for your kneeboard, check your control settings and search for "kneeboard"

"Focus" E-3A - 251 Mhz AM

KC-135 (Boom) “Texaco”
@15,000 FT 205 KTS
255 Mhz AM 40Y-AA TCN

KC-135 (Boom) “Arco”
@19,000 FT 270 KTS
256 Mhz AM 39Y-AA TCN

KC-135 MPRS (Basket) “Shell”
@19,000 FT 270 KTS
254 Mhz AM 41Y-AA TCN

AIRBOSS Tanker S-3B (Basket) “Arco”
253 Mhz AM 31Y-AA TCN

LHS-1 Tarawa - 42X TCN
ATC: 126.5Mhz AM

CVN-74 Stennis - 43X TCN
CRS: Varies (Click on unit while in-game to find HEADING)
ATC: 225.5Mhz AM
ICLS - 5
AIRBOSS AVAILABLE! Details and documentation for use:

The new and improved TTI is more ALIVE with custom mission settings that you can configure!

You EASILY configure:
-Which missions auto-generate
-Which units show up at auto generated missions and how many
-What potential a2a threats appear and how often
-You can disable all auto-spawns entirely
-Fully alive and living world with dynamic AI, Highly customizable AI Civilian/Military AIR Traffic/Carrier Ops
-You can configure JTAC smoke settings (smoked or non-smoked targets)
- Configure AIRBOSS SCRIPT options!
- +Many more configurable options!

You can CREATE and DESTROY units out of thin air at ANY location you choose on the F10 map, like in "Zeus" mode fr om ArmA 3. (Details in the briefing and forum post on how to use these commands)

Available missions:
Air to Air - Spawns a dynamically created enemy element flight. Choose between different difficulties. NOTE: These missions can infinitely stack. It is advised to spawn one at a time, and only spawn new A2A missions when one is complete.

Air to Ground - The mission will dynamically generate ground targets in a random location. There are several difficulties to choose from:
HARD - SAMs may be present.
EASY (Multirole) - No SAMs will be present.
Helo - These missions will spawn closer to the home base.
Helo Infantry Assault - These missions are designed for dropping off troops and/or utilizing gunship helos.
Anti-Ship - This will spawn a group of enemy ships. (Not available on the NTTR map.)


Other F10 Menu Options:

EWRS - A dynamic AWACS reporting system.

JTAC Status - Shows detailed location information on an active target.

Intel Menu - You can have target areas smoked as well as get location via GRID, since some airframes cannot utilize LAT/LONG.

Debug Menu - Options to reset Tankers or AWACS if needed.


Super Carrier Deck Spawn Menu - Choose between several layouts of static unit layout on the Super Carrier deck in REAL TIME with this menu.

Layout Scripts Created by Redkite

AIRBOSS Menu (Only on maps with Carrier Ops) - Advanced carrier ops scripts and functions, more details here:
AIRBOSS MENU NOT POPPING UP? Try switching slots a few times.
Recovery Helo and Recovery Tankers are available for AIRBOSS!


CTLD Menu for Helos:
Troop Pickup: Blue Smoke
Spawn Crates at initial spawn point only.


Pickup and drop off troops into battle.
Build air defense systems by spawning crates.

Full CTLD usage information:">

You can ENABLE or DISABLE REAL SLING LOADING in the define mission settings. More details in the readme!

How to create zeus units:

Video/gif short tutorials:
Spawn "Zeus" Units Using Map Markers:
Units are stackable!

1) Add a map marker of wh ere you want to create a unit. DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING OR HIT ENTER JUST YET.

Example "-create f14_red" will create an element of REDFOR AI F-14's
"jtac" and "abrams" are friendly units to use combined arms with. Use the JTAC to spawn it anywhere to get a friend to control it for some fun Co-Op action! Also, try creating your own ground attack units using the armor or infantry group spawn!

UNITS CAN BE STACKED! Spawn as many of any unit as you like to create your own ground missions!

[Spawnable unit list in text file included and in the mission briefing in-game.]

3) Once you type your command in, hit the X button on the map marker (top right of the box) to initiate the spawn.

Destroy Ground Units: (Only works for ground units):
1) Add a map marker on top of the ground units you want to destroy/delete. DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING OR HIT ENTER JUST YET.

2) Type in "-destroy" and hit the X button on the map marker (top right of the box) to rid the area of ground units or ships.

Good for: Removing missions you don't want to complete or deleting your spawned in JTAC or Friendly Combined Arms units you no longer want in your mission.
WARNING: There is no way to get back friendly ship units, you'll have to restart the mission.


This mission relies heavily on the MOOSE framework to achieve dynamic mission/tasking generation:">">


Mission Enhancer Package by daemon1808:
Mission Enhancer Package (M.E.P) allows you to enhance an existing mission giving you the ability to request support assets in a immersive way during the mission.

You can request SEAD missions, AC130 Strikes, Buddy lase, Recon target area, etc easily through the F10 radio menu.

Video tutorials and information of this script package here:


Maintaining the server community and mission design (for both singleplayer and multiplayer) is a lot of hard work. We work hard on new features and bug fixes on a daily basis. Feel free to make a donation to our developers and community via our website or support us on Patreon. We thank you for your support.
Donate directly:

Some common issues:

Menus do not behave properly when you try to use them too quickly after you spawn in. Sometimes you have to go in and out of the F10 - Other menu a few times before it's completely usable. Switching slots after your initial slot choice will usually fix any menu related issue.

When in doubt, just restart the mission.

Regarding hosting this mission as a multiplayer server;

This mission is originally designed and intended for SINGLEPLAYER use only. There will be many issues and bugs that arise when you set this mission up in a multiplayer setting. However, I do see the viability of this mission being used in a small private co-op setting, which does require you to host the mission online in some way.

I kindly ask that you keep it private either by password protecting or hiding it from the public server list when you host this mission. I also ask that you let me know if you wish to do so.

Thank you!
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