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DCS: World 2.5
F-5E Tiger
F-5E TACAN navigation exercice

F-5E TACAN navigation exercice

Author - swiss_lipo
Date - 19.05.2018 02:29
This mission will help you understand and practice the use of TACAN combined with setting a course on your HSI to reach specific waypoints, following a given course.

Modules needed : NTTR map, F5-E Tiger

More in details, you will need to fly toward each waypoint using only your TACAN as a reference, flying TO or FROM certain beacons.

In addition, there are a few words on magnetic declination to illustrate the difference between True Heading (measured on the map) and Magnetic Heading (indicated by the compass).

I have triggered an "Instructor" who will monitor your flight along each waypoint and give you a summary of your flight once you have landed.

Kneeboard has also been edited with additional pages so you can check your flightplan and get useful informations at anytime during your flight.

There are two files in the zip archives:
F5E TACAN nav exercice Easy.miz  for good weather and visibility
F5E TACAN nav exercice Hard.miz  for bad weather and lower visibility

Simply copy the two files in your usual mission folder.

And please enjoy !
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