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DCS World 2.7

Under the Fuzz

Uploaded by - Apache600
Date - 03/30/2018 22:29:05
- Version 2.3 -
This mission is a "one and done" style strike mission.  Get into the target area, complete one pass on it, and get the heck out!   The catch, you have pretty tight parameters for your ingress and egress to the target ... make sure you can fly low to the ground.
The number of ground targets at the strike zone change depending on how many players have taken to the air.  So this mission can also be played Single Player.

Every fixed wing platform is available in this mission.   There are no helicopters though.  For aircraft that don't have a navigation system, the briefing images have suggested headings for every leg of the flight.
Every briefing page is also available as a kneeboard page, specifically for quick reference for the non-navigation system equipped aircraft.

The silly little squabble and “show of force” competitions between Russian and NATO forces, across this contested landscape, had done no one any good.  It’s just burnt away valuable jet fuel, and added additional maintenance hours on our already tired airframes.  But worse than any of that, was the rise of this new enemy right underneath our noses.  With our focus on intimidating the other 1st world power, we had our guard down on our flanks.  This once unknown little terrorist faction has now become a serious threat to the region, and to both the Russian and NATO forces in the area.
We need to set our differences aside, and come together to strike at this common foe.  But because of our ignorance to their rise, they have become quite formidable, especially with their acquisition of a sophisticated SAM defense network.
Thankfully though, we have found a makeshift way through their radar network, and will be able to strike at their supply fleet.   The enemy is operating their radar network on some older software, and we were able to find a way into it.  Our plan is to upload a virus straight into their network, which will disable a portion of their search area.  There are three caveats though.
1)   Only the lowest search zones will be disabled.  From the surface to only 150 meters / 500 feet AGL.
2)   The virus will only affect their system for 10 minutes before the backup will take over.
3)   If the enemy suspects anything, or you fly to high, they can manually turn on the backup system, thus circumnavigating the virus’s effects.

For further details pertaining to the mission, please refer to the briefing images.
When departing the area.  Keep low and stay on the flight plan, that should help you remain clear of any SAM threats, but we can’t guarantee it.
Good luck everyone!

Update Log:

v2.3:  Added 4 F1-CE’s
          Added 3 MB-330 Placeholders
          Fixed a trigger issue with a few aircraft not registering enemy SAMs

v2.2:  All Blue flights coalition changed to Blue Task Force

v2.1:  Added 2 Mosquitos

v2.0:  Added 2 F4U Placeholders
          Added 2 Mosquito Placeholders
          Removed 2 F-14 B’s (2 remain)
          Removed 1 F-86 (2 remain)
          Removed 2 AV-8B’s (3 remain)

v1.9:  Updated atmospheric conditions for new cloud system

v1.8:  P-47’s switched to P-47-40’s
          A single A-10A and A-10C were switched to A-10C II’s

v1.7:  Added 2 P-47’s
          Removed AAR probes from JF-17

v1.6:  Added 4 F-16’s
          Added 3 JF-17’s

v1.5:  F-14’s now have INS reference alignment stored.
          Added 2 I-16’s
          Added 2 Fw-190 A8’s.
          Added 4 F-16 placeholders.
          Added 3 JF-17 placeholders.
          Added additional slot to C-101CC’s.
          Reduced all other squad sizes from 4 to 3 (except F-14B’s and F/A-18C’s)

v1.4:  Added 4 F-14B’s.
          Added 4 MiG-19’s.
          Added 4 MOI (Mod of Interest) aircraft.
            - MOI aircraft are intended to to shift to any new aircraft that any editor may want.
          Reminder text to upload virus if it hadn’t already been done.
          Delayed AAA/SAM reaction time a few seconds when player aircraft are detected.
          P-51 group split to include both 25 and 30 models.
          Spitfire group split to include both Standard and Clipped wing variants.
          Removed all Hawk client aircraft.

v1.3:  4 F-18's added.

v1.2:  4 J-11's added.
         "Restart Mission" radio option removed, functionality seems to be broken.

v1.1:  "Restart Mission" radio option now functioning properly.
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  • Language: English
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