Krasnodar Variable Ground Attack (SP and MP)

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DCS: World 2.5
Krasnodar Variable Ground Attack (SP and MP)

Krasnodar Variable Ground Attack (SP and MP)

Author - Apache600
Date - 02.06.2018 09:25
This is an "all-in-one" style ground attack mission that has the ability to offer variation. It can also be flown as either a single or multi player mission.
Every flyable aircraft and helicopter in DCS is available to be flown here. Each aircraft has at least three available slots, Each helicopter has four, except for the Gazelle.

The basis of this mission is such that you start on the ramp in the Krasnodar area. And depending on the direction you fly, you activate different levels of difficulty. Each individual level/area then has 4 different missions inside of it that it randomly selects from. They each contain 30+ ground units, ranging from lightly unarmed vehicles to tanks, and a few hardened structures, and some AAA/SAMs in the harder sectors.

The levels/area's of difficulty are: Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard. Each of these containing its own 4 random missions.

There are 4 Strike missions. These missions are basically a "get-in & get-out" style strike.

Lastly, there are also 5 Helicopter missions. Fixed wing aircraft can fly them as well, but for four of them (The Medevac, Crash Site, Roof Top Rescue, and Sling Load Savior missions) either an Mi-8, Huey, or SA-342 is required (Ka-50 can sling load, but not pick up troops, so it can do the Sling Load mission too). For the Crash Site and Roof Top missions, I'd recommend it be at least 2 players.

You can activate a mission in 1 of 2 ways. The first way, like previous stated, is you simply fly towards one of the area's of difficulty, and it will randomly sel ect one of four missions inside that area. The second way is through the F10 radio options menu. You can sel ect any mission, fr om any difficulty area, this way. This is also how you select the Strike and Helicopter Missions. <--- This is the only way to select the Strike and Helicopter Missions.
Custom sound files (108 of them, hence the file size), done by myself, give in-game briefings for each and every possible mission. There are also 24 Briefing Pages, and 8 of those are also accessible through the Kneeboard.

Update Log:
v1.2:  Added 6 F-18 aircraft (3 at Krasnodar Center, and another 3 at Krymsk, which are part of a group called POI (Planes of Interest) that will be able to shift with any new aircraft that releases)
v1.1:  Added 3 J-11 aircraft.
         Moved Su-33's to Krymsk.
         Replaced 2 SA-342 helo's with the Minigun module.  
         Moved ground units in some missions so they were further fr om the coast/water.
         Fixed Helo Roof Top Rescue mission trigger zones and altitudes.  
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
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