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M2000C -DYNAMIC SOUND- Mod (updated v3.0)

Type - Sound
Uploaded by - watermanpc
Date - 03/08/2018 00:22:45
This is a DYNAMIC SOUND mod for the M2000C module.

The DYNAMIC SOUND mod for the M2000C is a external sound mod that completely redo the external sound of the plane. Some highlights are:

-DYNAMIC sound that changes with throttle actuation. This means that the sound is no longer the same "all the time" but the samples will randomly be used as the throttle changes fr om idle-mid-mil power-afterburner as well as other enviromental sounds for a natural life-like sound experience giving the impresion of never hearing the same sound coming from the plane, just like in real life. **(Example: If power is set to mid from mil power, and then mil power is selected again, a different kind of mil power sound set will be loaded and so on)
-REALISTIC, high quality ,ultra long, sound samples specifically mixed for this mod.
-Seamless and smooth sound transitions.
-Correct afterburner SPL level.
-Deep and clean bass extension.
-Lots of different "air distortion" sounds.
-Completely redesigned sound paramenters for a whole different logic behaviour.
-Greatly improved external sounds representation within the cockpit.

Update v2:

-New Afterburner sounds added for increased variety. Also smoothed some of the previous ones.
-Added a new "full mil power" sample.
-Adjustments for some sound samples.
-Several behaviour adjustments.
-Isolated "full mil power" samples from "mid power" ones for better consistency and coherence.

Update v3:

-Improved afterburner sounds, the peak of power when nozzles are directly looking to camera is sharper and more defined.
-AB now have crisper "clipping" sound effects.
-Fixed some unwanted sound overlapping for clearer sounds.
-Deeper and more varied AB bass.
-Some general adjustments.

-In order to fully enjoy this mod, a decent quality sound system is highly recomended, otherwise some of the ultra deep bass extension, powerfull mids, etc will be lost.
-This mod has been designed to be used in the external --static observer-- cameras (F3/F11) and is there wh ere the full potential will be obtained.


Use of JSGME is HIGHLY recommended and is the correct way to install this mod.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
  • Size: 79.5 Mb
  • Downloaded: 4172
  • Comments: 24