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AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL

Falklands War 2 - Opening Shots - Version 26

Uploaded by - Jaguar 1-1 | ANT
Date - 01/16/2018 23:12:30
This mission is a modern Falklands War 2 conflict simulation, where Argentina attempts a new occupation of the Falkland Islands.
It is set in the year 2009, with an analogous layout, including unit types, names and armaments for the period. Obviously this is limited by the map and assets currently available in DCS World.
The layout of the Falkland Islands is portrayed using the east coast of Crimea and the Taman Peninsula of Russia, the Kerch Strait therefore plays the role of the Falkland Sound which is the sea divide between the east and west Falklands islands.
Basic way-points take client aircraft to the key objective airfields only, as the area of operations is small and the mission is fluid.
Many triggers are used, with regular Intelligence messages and notes appearing on the F10 map to guide clients on both sides.
The mission can be used in single or multi-player modes, Ideally using combined arms.

Fight as the Argentinians attacking, or the British defending:  
                        SITUATION IN BRIEF;


* TACAN for KC-130 tanker is Y2 *

In the opening stage (the first half hour) of this mission Argentina begins their second invasion of the Falklands Islands by successfully capturing RAF Mount Pleasant airbase (Anapa) and simultaneously destroying all the British military early warning and civilian radar facilities.

They land troops and hardware in multiple waves, in multiple locations, on both islands, with orders to capture Stanley port town (Novorossiysk) and ultimately Stanley civilian airfield (Novorossiysk airfield).

To supplement their ageing air force and Roland SAM systems, Argentina has limited use of loaned Russian SU-24s (as was a possibility at the time of the scenario) and basic mobile Russian SAM systems. The Sam systems will provide cover for troop movements and captured objectives.

Argentina uses converted tanker ships registered under various other countries flags to covertly approach and land ground forces in multiple locations on both islands as well as setup a rudimentary FARP on the west island in order to provide helicopter support and logistics.

RED Client aircraft available are;

2 x UH-1H available at the FARP on the west island (which activate once their pilots are delivered by the ARA Hercules Mi-8 AI)

2 x Gazelle available at the FARP on the west island (which activate once their pilots are delivered by the ARA Hercules Mi-8 AI).

1 x UH-1H on board ARA Hercules

1x Mi-8MTV2 (Sea King) helicopter available at the FARP on the west island (which activates once delivered fr om the ARA Hercules by AI).

8 x SU-25T (A-4AR Fightinghawk) - 4 x air start over the West Island and 4 x ground based at Mt. Pleasant (which activate once delivered fr om Argentina by AI).

10 x M2000C (Mirage III) - 6 x air start over the west Island and 4 x ground based at Mt.Pleasant (which activate once delivered fr om Argentina by AI).

2 x SU-25 (A-4P Skyhawk) - air start over the west Island only.

2 x C-101CC (IA-63 Pampa) - air start over the west Island only.

2 x Yak-52 (civilian light aircraft based at Goose green and Stanley civilian airfields


Attack and defeat the small British presence on the islands.

Patrol (CAP) to eliminate any type of British air support.

Help to establish control of and then defend Mount Pleasant airbase (Anapa).

Try to suppress any British radar sites left over after the initial attack.

Try to supress any pop-up British radar sites.

Sink all British ships.

Destroy any remaining British troops or armour.

Use recon cars for basic visual reconnaissance.


* TACAN for the Illustrious carrier is X1 and (Voyager) tanker is X2 *

Britain is caught on the back foot, with their forces currently in the Falklands island zone having just wrapped up a week long exercise working alongside the FIDF (Falklands Islands Defence Force). The visiting forces are just beginning their return to the UK and are therefore taken completely by surprise by the invasion.

Luckily Britain's carrier group HMS Illustrious (USS Tarawa ) with it's embarked Harriers was involved in the exercise and is still in the area. the Illustrious group can therefore be utilised in the defence of the islands. It may turn out be a fatal mistake for Argentina's government to open their attack at this moment, unless they have a plan for eliminating the group...

Stanley civilian airfield (Novorossiysk airfield) is used as a fallback base for all British forces during the conflict.

Britain also has four newly arrived Interceptors (F/A-18C playing the part of EF-2000 Typhoons) based at RAF Mount Pleasant (Anapa).

BLUE Client aircraft available are;

1 x Mi-8MTV2 (Sea King) at the FARP on the east island which activates once delivered from RAF Mount Pleasant after it's evacuation (by AI)

1 x UH-1H (Navy Lynx) on board HMS Daring

2 x Gazelle at the FARP on the east island

3 x Mi-8MTV2 (Sea King) helicopters are available on Stanley airfield (one of which activates once delivered from RAF Mount Pleasant after it's evacuation (by AI)

10 x AV-8B Harrier II (GR9) based on the USS Tarawa (HMS Illustrious)

1 x F/A-18C (Typhoon) which begins in the air as AI and then re-positions to ''RAF Stanley'' to re-arm and re-brief as the mission progresses and then becomes a ground based Client aircraft

2 x Yak-52 (civilian light aircraft based at Goose green and Stanley civilian airfields


Re-capture RAF Mount Pleasant (Anapa) by eliminating all Argentine units on the base and placing British ground forces there.

Defend the Islands as the British to retain / regain sovereignty, When RAF Mt Pleasant is captured by the Argentines, Stanley civilian airfield will then be utilised by the RAF until RAF Mount Pleasant can be recaptured.

Try to take out any pop-up Argentine radar sites and SAM systems.

Sink any Argentine shipping.

Shoot down any Argentine aircraft in the area.

Destroy any Argentine troops or armour.

Use any of the four available JTAC cars for lasing targets if / wh ere possible as well as for basic visual reconnaissance.

A British Army Hermes drone (predator) will be launched during the mission, however this feature doesn't seem to work as a JTAC (as intended) and is merely included as a recon element.


These will only activate once their corresponding AI equivalents or pilots are ''delivered'' to the airfield(s) / FARPs during the mission. Notes will appear on the F10 map to show if and wh ere these are available, and a coalition message will display to players

For example;

The flyable (client) F/A-18C should become available only after it's equivalent AI version lands and parks at Novorossiysk wh ere it triggers the activator for the Client aircraft. Once activated, a brief message will inform the blue side and a temporary static AI F/A-18C will appear at the spawn point on the airfield. The static F/A-18C will deactivate when you choose to use the client F/A-18C and you SHOULD then find yourself placed in the cockpit. If you choose the client, say, at the start of the mission and simply watch the action until the AI F/A-18C lands, you will appear in the cockpit automatically once the client activates.

The same goes for 3 x Mi-8MTV2s which transit to both RED and BLUE FARPs , 2 x Gazelle and 2 x Huey pilots which transit to the RED FARP during the mission, and also the M2000Cs x4 and SU-25Ts x4 which transit to Anapa (from Argentina!) and gradually become available to RED clients throughout the mission.


Once the Client aircraft are available I've found you usually need to keep trying to enter the client slots a few times before they work. I think this is a bug with DCS and I can't find a work around yet.

See the mission briefings and maps for more information.


(A basic mission by: ANT (EGNF) UK)

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