Hotas Warthog Profile for RAZBAM AV8B-NA (Shiftstate/TrackIR/Teamspeack/SimpleRadio/LEDmanagement) Update 25/05/18 HOTFIX

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DCS World 2.5
AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL

Hotas Warthog Profile for RAZBAM AV8B-NA (Shiftstate/TrackIR/Teamspeack/SimpleRadio/LEDmanagement) Update 25/05/18 HOTFIX

Uploaded by - NOiD
Date - 12/03/2017 18:49:00
Hotas Warthog Profile for RAZBAM AV8B-NA (Shiftstate/TrackIR/Teamspeack/SimpleRadio/LEDmanagement)  Update 25/05/18 HOTFIX - EARLY ACCESS, INCOMPLETE.

****Hi mates, sorry about it, i received many emails, and you're all very kind and a wonderful community, but i wasn't able to answer. I had shitty times and no ressources to spend on DCS, and to be honest i was not well and im not seeing the end of it now. I can't update my work, i tried to make it easy for another one to take over, let me know if i need to share more.
Thank you all.

Lots of buttons are Free or Reserved for now, this will change a lot, as soon as the default Harrier has 3 position switch abstraction binds, and more features.

Update 5 v5.6 (Hotfix - Water mode switch)
-Moved WP Increment to China Hat Back, Formation Lights + to Mode 2 long same Button, Torch to Mode 2 long same Button.
-Added Water Mode Switch Up/Down, Air Refuel Probe In/Out, Air Refuel Light On/Off, HUD Mode Switch Up/Down, Switch Visor/Nvg.
-Added LEFT MPCD On Screen Buttons OSB1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-11-12-13-14-15-18, OSB1 to OSB4 on CMS Mode 2, OSB5 to OSB8 on TMS Mode2, OSB11 to OSB14 on DMS Long, OSB18 and OSB15 on DMS Mode 2 Left and Right.
-Reserved more buttons on long press Mode 1 and 2.

Features (WIP) :
-Combined stick/throttle profile
-Scripted switches.
Alternative axis (Zoom/Mouse on slew, Nozzle Angle/Mouse wheel on slider).
-LED management (Gear/Airbrakes indicator, Backlight turns on/off at engine start/stop, Blinking ejection warning)
-TrackIR Center/Pause and Teamspeack PTT/Whisper binds.
-Simple Radio Radio1/Radio2 binds, acts as Push-To-Talk (se t in Simple Radio settings). Radio1 bind is the same as Teamspeack PTT bind, as you usually mute Teamspeack when Simple Radio is engaged.
-Commented .tmc file, so you can modify it/make your own easily.

Install :
0. Unzip file content where you want on your PC.
1. Open Target.
2. Run the "Combined AV8B-NA.tmc" with "Run configuration" Button.
3. Open DCS.
4. Load the 3 .diff files provided in the correct category (see file name).
5. Enjoy !

Warning ! : Works only if you load the 3 DCS command profiles provided, in the proper categories (Keyboard/Thrustmaster Virtual Device/Thrustmaster Virtual Device Axis), and se t the TrackIR/Teamspeack keybinds as specified in the layout image provided.

AV8B-NA Fictional French Marine Livery :
A-10C Fictional French Livery :
F/A-18C Fictional French Marine Livery :
L-39C Fictional French Livery :
M-2000C Fictional French Livery :
MiG-29S Fictional French Livery :
Su-33 Fictional French Livery :
UH-1H Huey Fictional French Marine Livery :
Yak-52 Fictional French Livery :

Skinpack Spitfire IX v2.0 - 13 Liveries :
Skinpack Bf-109 K-4 v2.0 - 14 Liveries :

Cockpit PBR texture mod for RAZBAM M-2000C – WIP -

A-10C Profile :
AV8B-NA Profile :
Bf-109K-4 Profile :
F/A-18C Profile :
L-39C/ZA Profile :
M-2000CProfile :
Mi-8MTV2 Profile :
MiG-29S Profile :
Spitfire LF Mk.IX Profile :
Su-25T Profile :
Su27/33 Profile :
UH-1H Profile :
Yak-52 Profile :

My DCS movies :

Update 1 v2.7
-Moved HUD SCENE REJECT/TGP (Sensor Select Down) to Speedbrake_Back Throttle button. This is the bind you want to enable NAVFLIR. The bind doesn't work on TMS switch for unknown reason. This is temporary.

Update 3 v2.9
-Corrected mouse bug when using throttle slider.

Update 2 v2.8
-Inverted MAP/MIRROR on CMS push to unify common binds between modules.
-Added Mouse Wheel on throttle slider Mode 2, used for zoom in/out in F10 map view, and external view. (Axis center is neutral, 2 different wheel speed on each side). Common bind.
-Added Pause/Menu binds on CMS push long press. Common bind.


Update 4 v5.3
-Moved Mouse wheel to Coolie UP/DOWN, axis could stay stuck, couldn't figure out why.
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