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UH-1H Huey

UH-1H Training course

Uploaded by - assafm25
Date - 10/31/2017 23:04:55
And this time : Uh-1h.  
In this mission your instructor Robert c.meson will tack u to a series of task in the uh-1h and explain to about navigation systems and a full startup procedure.  


Your tasks are:
Full startup from ramp
Navigation to an army unit near Senaki using the FM navigation system.
Navigation to the Senaki and Kobuleti bases using VOR/ILS and ADV systems.
Navigation to the USS FFG-7 fleet using FM radio.

Some info about the mission:
All work with scripts and depend on what task you select.
Fully audio sound of the instructor Robert C. Mayson reading the pop-up messages.
More than 39 audio recordings made in my studio.
More than 39 text pop-up messages.
Full explanation about the navigation systems ADF, FM, VOR, ILS, CDI.

If you found anything incorrect or malfunctioning please feel free to contact me via the thread on the ED forums.


Hope you enjoy it.
Update the mission file and first post

- Add briefing including startup check list.
- Add Highlight to cockpit instrument in startup.
- Add "Space-bar when you are ready to proceed" in each startup group list .
- Add the ability to learn about radios in startup (using F10)
* Not found yet how to make the wing-man land on the anther ship .
u can use the / and let him command to RTB for now.

- Fix Ship task - now the navigation to the sip work on Freq 50.00 and not on 40.00 (hummvy)
- fix RPM instrument not go .
- Add space bar to radio explanation
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