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Blindsided (rev3)

Uploaded by - DragonShadow
Date - 03/19/2013 12:41:26
Blindsided : 3rd revision
By DragonShadow

Co-operative mission supporting upto 12 players (2-3 recommended default, 3-8 on difficult).
Flyable aircraft: 3xKa-50, 3xA-10C, 3xSU-25T, 3xSU-27
Limited munitions (Warehouse)

"Scramble! and defend Batumi airdrome against a surprise attack by well armed insurgents. Then take the battle to them."

A three phased mission with varying types of tasks, plenty of detail and scripted events. Figure out the best way to use your finite but flexible resources to tackle the insurgent threat, co-operate with your forces in the air as well as on the ground to turn the battle around. Mission difficulty can be scaled depending on number of players or the challenge you wish to meet. Whether you want to devastate enemy convoys or get into a tight dogfight, you will not meet a passive enemy here.

Official forum thread:

[Briefing room]
We have not received any word back fr om the eastern patrol, since they reported hearing heavy vehicles in the pass. We can only assume the worst.

Twenty minutes ago we received confirmation that insurgent forces are attempting a surprise attack on the Batumi airdrome. Be advised that we have received reports that the insurgents are able to mount a credible anti-air threat, furthermore there are indications they may have the support of unidentified airforces.

US Specops are just now sending ahead a two man TACP unit, designation 'Ferret', to provide coordination for a counter attack on an insurgent outpost located due east. Before we can rid ourselves of the outpost though, we must successfully defend Batumi fr om the insurgent forces closing in on us. Be aware that we are facing at least two groups heading in fr om the outpost.

Local defense forces are engaged with light enemy units as I speak. Your aircraft have been fueled and armed, there is no time to waste, scramble!

* Co-op and single player support. Note: Difficulty higher for single player.
* Plenty of scripted events with radio traffic (text with audible notifier) and detailing.
* Combined operations of KA-50, A-10C, SU-25T and SU-27, all playing important but not interdependent roles (Set higher difficulty for best effect).
* Both air to ground and air to air operations, with optional randomized air threats. You can't be sure where the enemy air assets will strike fr om.
* CAS/CAP portions of the mission can run independently fr om each other, or together. All you need to do is fly the right aircraft and the mission commences.
* Up-to-date tasking will be given even if a player enters the mission in the middle of it. No more guessing what state the mission is in.
* Choice of two difficulty levels.
* Some more aggressive, scripted AI behavior.
* Limited resources of war through the warehouse functionality. It now matters to make that landing.
* On the move troop deployments.
* Airlifted JTAC available (but not necessary) for operations against the insurgent outpost.
* Optional AFAC available for the defense phase of the mission.
* Be a part of a team wh ere your actions truly matter to the outcome of the mission.

Revision 3 changes:
- Added 3x SU-27 with parallel CAP mission alongside CAS: Protect the airspace from enemy fighters and Batumi from air strikes.
- If any SU-27 takes off, this will enable the CAP portion of the mission with randomized air threats.
- Hostile air forces will be (temporarily) recalled after 10 minutes if no blue CAP is in the air.
- Made aircraft unlimited, munitions still are lim ited (Better suited for open servers).
- Marked any possible troop deployments along the road with a single Ural-375 to aid in spotting.
- Slightly improved Batumi air defense for some protection from insurgent CAP. This is still players job in the end.
- Made mission intro more Epic and removed (already rather small) chance of a player being hit by tank rounds during start up.
- Made clearer some locations at waypoints for SU-25T in briefing.
- Unified blue coalitions waypoints to enable faster communication, now everyones waypoint 2 is Force and waypoint 4 is outpost.
- Added scripting for players to be notified of their current tasking when entering an aircraft.
- Higher difficulty level can now be enabled by host at any portion of the mission (Host needs to make judgement on whether players are in danger zones.)
- AFAC Predator forced to 'no radar using' not to appear on RWR. DCS bug?
- Fixed edge case wh ere mission could not be completed after insurgent advance was already marked stalled, and troops still got deployed.
- Fixed Predator AFAC speed and altitude.
- Fixed waypoint speeds for route navigating autopilots (You are still likely to get shot though).
- Spoiler: Fix attempted on Georgian FSG Molniya not disappearing (replaced) when boarded.
- Spoiler: Insurgent leader threatened zone doubled in size. Escape not allowed while any player still within zone.
- Other miscellaneous small fixes and balancing.

* Included some suggestions from OddLizard, a few from Frett92, Newspeedy and Hagios
* Flight testing with Hagios
* Eagle Dynamics for creating the DCS series
* Thanks to all who participated in beta tests and gave suggestions

Initial building time about a week, on and off. Including learning the editor.
Revision 1 a few more days.
Revision 2 got bogged down due to RL and debugging.
Revision 3 about two weeks. Including learning Lua.

Freeware, distribution allowed as is with all files and attributions intact.
All rights otherwise reserved, unless specifically agreed upon. (It's ok to ask.)
  • License: Freeware - Free version, License file included
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