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DCS World 1.5

Operation Wicker Summit

Uploaded by - RocketmanAL
Date - 10/06/2017 04:03:25
A single mission designed to be played with a group of players. 12 total slots across 5 platforms gives everyone a role to play in this combined air-to-air and air-to-ground mission.

Dabu forces have launched an invasion of their southern neighbor, Yerba. The Yerbian military was caught completely by surprise and unprepared for the offensive, which has already cut 45 miles into it's northern province. Now the provincial capital is under threat, and the Yerbans are preparing to defend their city.

Modules included:
F-15- CAP
A-10- CAS
KA-50- CAS
UH-1- Transport

This is a mission that I created for my squad and I wanted to share it with the community for any groups that are interested. It is best run with a full CAP flight and at least one person in the other flights. Some objectives can only be accomplished by specific airframes.

Objective: Defend Sukhumi from enemy forces and evacuate the governor from the capital building.

CAP Brief:
Take off and fly towards Sukhumi to take out any enemy CAP currently over the city. Maintain air superiority over the city while the attack aircraft engage enemy grounds forces and the rescue flight. You will be armed with semi-active and IR missiles. Expect multiple enemy CAP flights.

CAS Brief: The enemy ground forces are currently making their way to the city down the coast, along the two main roads to the west of the city. Main objective is to prevent the enemy forces from crossing the bridges into the city. If they gain a bridgehead, we will need to destroy the bridges.

SEAD Brief: There is one SA-11 SAM within range of the city, which will prevent CAS from engaging enemy forces. SEAD will need to disable the SAM before our forces can enter over the city.

Rescue Flight: The rescue flight will make its way across the bay to the governors building on the southern tip of the city. Once in range the LZ will be marked with green smoke. Pick up the governor and his family to evac them back to Sukhumi airfield for medical examination.

Here is a video of us running the mission: https://youtu.be/m84EFQx3lA0

I've done my best to de-bug and test this mission, but if you find something wrong please let me know and I'll fix it!

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