The Skies over Korea

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DCS World 2.0

The Skies over Korea

Uploaded by - markuswohlgenannt
Date - 10/03/2017 05:42:10
Allied and North Korean fighters are battling it out over Korea.

This is a dynamic mission that can be played in SP and MP.

This mission uses a custom script that will report sightings of aircraft near airfields or landmarks (shown as zones in the briefing image) and mark the location of the spotter on the ground by smoke.

edit: 10/6/2017 chose more easily distinguishable paint schemes for sides to aid VID of friendly/enemy aircraft. Fixed AI aircraft radio frequencies.
edit: 10/7/2017 added F-10 menu to make friendly aircraft release flares for easier VID

Obtain air superiority over Korea. Red side must also intercept blue B-17 bombers.
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